The Kilik Workout Videos

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The Kilik Workout Videos

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Hey folks, my son was sick AND Mother’s day happened this weekend so the update schedule kind of got smashed.  However, I love you awesome people and stayed up super late last night to bang these out.  Enjoy!  Still on tap is the Kilik combat guide (I’m gonna teach you some staff fighting basics!), and the cardio guide.  Those will be dropping SOMETIME this week.

There will be ANOTHER post up later today, so make sure to check back in a bit!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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4 thoughts on “The Kilik Workout Videos

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  3. sean says:

    Hi was wondering if we would get to see the kilik combat tutorial would love to learn some no staff techniques thanks for the awesome website

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Yes! I’m actually currently planning a whole new batch of combat tutorials, and Kilik will be in there! Expect them to be going up on the Youtube channel sometime this summer.

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