Discuss this post in RPG FitGroup! As a ranger of Gondor, Talion was already formidable in his own right.  However, gaining the wraith abilities from his merging with Celebrimbor elevated his skills to truly terrifying levels.  His quest of vengeance for his family drives him to cut an unrelenting swath through his uruk foes.  Let’s take […]

Discuss this post in RPGFitGroup! Name: Talion Game(s): Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War Archetype: Fighter Class: Weapons Master Skills/Attributes: Skilled melee fighter. Talented archer. Ranger training. Tracker. Capable freerunner/traceur. Wraith abilities. Motivated by vengeance and a desire to oppose evil. Overview: With the Shadow of War on the horizon (ha ha ha) I thought it would be a […]