The Megaman Workout

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Alright!  So, Megaman is, like I said on Monday, a multi-faceted character.  He’s a very well rounded character, with his signature traits not being super strength or anything like that, but rather the ability to learn and master new skills quickly.  His fighting style is agile and makes use of the environment around him.  Our strength workout is all about building a well-rounded base that will also provide us with excellent control of our bodies.  We’re not trying to be SUPER strong, we just want to be strong enough to move ourselves quickly and efficiently, and direct force as necessary to ward off dangers.

Now, of course, Megaman has the advantage of being a robot, so, barring running out of energy, he’s not going to get fatigued.  As such, we want to build a good amount of stamina and endurance as well, so we stick to the higher end of repetitions for our strength exercises, and work in a lot of low intensity cardio.  At the upper levels of our cardio workouts, we also incorporate some high intensity stuff, to keep our agility and mobility high, and build our anaerobic systems as well.

As usual, I recommend you take a look at Macros and You, as well as The Fighter Diet, for tips on nutrition.  Megaman isn’t huge, so we want to stay trim and “fighting fit.”  Also, I recommend you start every workout with my Warm Up Routine to help prepare your body and prevent injury, and finish off with my Cool Down Routine to preserve range of motion, and help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Note: This workout, is split into four tiers in order to easily plug into the RPG Fitness workout system.

Required Equipment:

Pull Up Bar
Weighted Vest or Backpack (for upper levels)


Level 1 (beginner):
3×5-10 Chair Assisted Pull Ups(palms facing away)
3×5-10 Wall Push Ups
3×5-10 Kneeling Push Ups
3×5-10 Wall Squats
3×10 second Planks

Level 2 (moderate):
5×3-5 Pull Ups(palms facing away)
5×5-10 Pike Push Ups
5×5-10 Push Ups
5×5-10 Bodyweight Squats
5×10-15 second Planks

Level 3 (advanced):
5×5-10 Pull Ups(palms facing away)
5×5-10 One-armed Pike Push Ups
5×5-10 Push Ups (with 10-25 lb weighted backpack)
5×5-10 Bodyweight Squats (holding 10-25 lb weighted backpack)
5×20-45 second Planks

Level 4 (Megaman):

5×15-20 Pull Ups(palms facing away)
5×5-10 Handstand Push Ups
5×5-10 Push Ups (with 30-50 lb weighted backpack)
5×5-10 Pistol Squats
5×20-45 second Planks
5×15-30 second Hanging L-Sits

Strength Notes:

The strength workout is meant to be done in a circuit.  That means you do a set of one exercise, followed immediately by a set of the next exercise, with no break in between, until you do a set of each exercise.  Rest for 1-2 minutes, and then begin another circuit.  Continue until you do all sets for each exercise.


Level 1 (beginner):
Brisk walk, 20-30 minutes

Level 2 (intermediate):
Jog, 20-30 minutes

Level 3 (advanced):
Jog, 20-30 minutes
8 Interval Sprints, 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds rest.

Level 4 (Megaman):
Jog 20-30 minutes (uphill grade if on treadmill, varied terrain/grades if outside)
8 Hill Sprints, 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds rest.

Cardio Notes:

To get between level 1 and level 2, start to add brief periods of jogging into your walking.  Soon you’ll be jogging more than you walk, and then even sooner after that, you won’t be walking at all.  For level 3 and 4, don’t be afraid to kick up the speed on the jogging portion, or go for a little bit more time.  The interval sprints can be tough at first, so ease into them a couple sets at a time.

Day 1: Strength
Day 2: Cardio
Day 3: Strength
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Cardio
Day 6: Strength
Day 7: Rest

Schedule Notes:

As usual, feel free to take an extra rest day when you’re first starting out (I’d recommend day 3).  Always listen to your body.  If it needs a break, take a break!  It takes a lot longer to heal from an injury than it does to take a day off.  Finally, I SINCERELY recommend you come join us in posting a workout log on the forums.  It helps keep you on point, and you get a great support network to help you out with any questions or problems you may have!  I check in one or twice every day to see if anyone’s got any issues, and to offer advice where I can!

So, that’s it for the Megaman workout!  I’ll see you again on Monday, with The Skills of Megaman!  Until then, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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