The Marcus Fenix Workout

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The Marcus Fenix Workout

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Marcus Fenix is a big dude.  Like, seriously big.  With his battle gear on, he’s basically a walking tank (I mean literally, if you’re talking his destructive capability).  Best way for us to go about building this kind of physique is to lift big, eat big, and go for maximum hypertrophy.  The workout style will be similar to The Gannondorf Workout, but with different repetitions and sets.  We’re also going to keep our cardio limit to short bursts, for two reasons.  One, this sets you up well for the “roadie runs” between cover that are so integral to Gears of War.  Two, because long-form cardio (any extended period of steady cardio exercise like running or biking) can make it difficult to pack on muscle.

For most people to get as big as Marcus, you want to be eating at a caloric surplus, with tons of protein.  Take a look at Maros and You! to understand what I mean when I say that, and then The Big Guy Diet to get some good food ideas.  Also make sure to do my Warm Up routine before working out to prevent injury, and my Cool Down routine afterwards to help preserve range of motion and help with recovery time.

Required Equipment:

Free Weights (going to need a full-size barbell, squat rack, bench, and plates)
Dip Station (or somewhere else to do dips)
Weighted backpack/vest
Pull Up Bar OR Lat Pull-down Machine

Strength Workout

Workout A:
3×8-12 Deadlifts
3×8-12 Bent-over Rows
3×8-12 Barbell Curls
3×8-12 Lat Pull-downs OR Pull Ups (start with chair-assisted if necessary, add weight when they start to get easy)
3×8-12 second planks

Workout B:
3×8-12 Bench Presses
3×8-12 Overhead Presses
3×8-12 Dips (add weight if necessary)
3×8-12 Russian twists (hold a weight plate if necessary)
3×8-12 Plate Curls

Workout C:
3×8-12 Front Squats
3×8-12 Deadlifts
3×8-12 Hamstring Curls
3×8-12 Leg Lifts (hold a weight plate between your feet when these start getting easy)

Strength Workout Notes:

So, you don’t want to perform these sets in a circuit like we typically do (like, do one set of one exercise, then a set for the next exercise, etc.)  Instead, perform the full reps and sets for each exercise before you move onto the next.  Additionally, we want no more than 60 seconds of rest between each set on any given exercise.  We want to give your muscles the minimum necessary recovery time before we batter them again.  Start with very low weight, and try to add on 2.5-5 lbs every week.

Cardio Workout

Tabata Protocol
8×20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds walking
No rest between sets

Cardio Notes:

We’re going to be keeping you shredded and conditioned with just four minutes of exercise here.  The idea is to sprint as fast and hard as you can for those twenty seconds, and then the ten seconds of walking IS your “rest,” right before you launch back into your sprints again.  Time efficient, very intense, and should get you gassed out no matter what.  Take it easy on these at first, they’re a little rough on your body (try six or four sets instead of eight).  If they should ever get easy, just stack on a couple extra sets (if you get up to 16 and you are truly sprinting as fast as you can, then you’re damn impressive =P)

Workout Schedule

Day 1: Strength Workout A
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Strength Workout B
Day 4: Cardio
Day 5: Strength Workout C
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Cardio

Schedule Notes:

The basic idea here is to hit up all your major muscle groups at least twice a week, preferably with slightly different exercises.  We don’t want atrophy (muscle breakdown) to set in, plus we want to keep your brain a bit mixed up with some variety, to get better neuro-muscular engagement.  As always, feel free to throw in an extra rest day if you feel a bit overworked (especially when you’re first starting out)

That’s it for Marcus Fenix!  Sorry for the delay, but the week off was really, really good for me, and, in turn, for the blog!  I’ll see you again on Monday!  Remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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12 thoughts on “The Marcus Fenix Workout

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  2. 5H4D3D_3X4LT says:

    Great job, I’ve always liked Marcus. Quick question: What are you? Rogue, fighter, tank… And do you model yourself after any one character? Just wanted to know!

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Thanks! Marcus is definitely an interesting character. Personally, I consider myself a fighter, though I’d been slimming down and going more “rogue-like” in preparation for competing on American Ninja Warrior, so I’m kind of in transition, haha. I’m kind of modeling myself after Ezio right now, I guess, with a little Connor thrown in for good measure. Previously I’ve modeled myself after Akuma, who I haven’t actually covered for the blog yet, outside of the combat video I did.

      • 5H4D3D_3X4LT says:

        I’ve always been pretty big and relatively slow, so I’d say I’m a tank. Just found you, so I’m not sure who I’ll pick yet, but if you’re gonna be a ninja, Ezio and Connor are good choices. TOMAHAWK CH-Wait, BRAINSTORM. Raiden. You should do Raiden. From Metal Gear Rising? Oh my god another one: Corvo Attano from Dishonored!

  3. BJJ says:

    My Body Mass Index is 25,08(healthy) but I have a little bit of Belly Fat and i wanna lose it.Can I do this workout with light cardio on rest days so I can lose more fat?This workout really pack mass?
    Thank you for the support.
    Sorry for my english, I’M from Brazil.

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Sure! But honestly the rate at which you lose fat is going to depend on your diet, not your workout regimen. Also keep in mind that more than two pounds of weight loss a week isn’t very healthy, so if you’re already hitting that upper limit, just stay on track where you are! Thanks for reading and for asking a great question!

  4. William Quinlan says:

    How can I buy the shirt that Marcus is wearing at the top of this page!!??? So I can represent with style at the VERY HIGH PROFILE gym I belong to hear in Orlando Florida? Golds Gym Dr. Phillips( I have even seen Hulk Hogan at my gym before).


    Will Quinlan
    Iron Will Training LLC

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