Character Breakdown: Isaac Clarke

Character Breakdown: Isaac Clarke

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Character Breakdown: Isaac Clarke
The Isaac Clarke Workout
The Skills of Isaac Clarke
The Ordeals of Isaac Clarke

Name: Isaac Clarke
Game(s): Dead Space Series

  • Genius-level Intellect
  • Expert Engineer
  • Excellent Improvisor
  • Mentally and Physically Resilient
  • Sufficiently Skilled Marksman
  • Loyal
  • Tenacious


Isaac is the troubled protagonist of the dead space series.  A space engineer living in the 26th century, he finds himself wrapped up in a terrifying series of plots involving alien monsters, cults, mind control, government conspiracies, and strange mind-breaking constructs.  It’s a bit more than he signed up for when he was going to school.  Regardless, he handles things relatively well, being the only person to have survived all three necromorph incidents.

Surviving isn’t all peaches and sunshine for Isaac, however.  In the process he’s lost people, struggled with his own sanity, and battle his sense of self-worth, or meaning for existence.  He’s harried by foes on all sides, being detained, abused, mind wiped, manipulated, and assaulted.  His resilience carries him through where others fail, however, and is ultimately one of his defining characteristics as a hero.

In The Isaac Clarke Workout we’re going to work on building good upper body and hand strength, for handling firearms both light and heavy, as well as wrestling around with necromorphs. Additionally, we’re going to build good long-distance cardio and endurance, for surviving through harrowing halls of horror.  You won’t get huge, but you will be strong, and you will go forever.

With The Skills of Isaac Clarke we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things, “MacGuyvering,” implementing quick, effective fixes for problems using whatever you’ve got on hand.

The Ordeals of Isaac Clarke will look into Isaac’s adventures in terror, and the effects they’ve had on his brain.  We’ll look at how he managed to survive and endure, where others did not, and what we can glean from his lessons to survive our own ordeals.

Isaac’s an interesting character, and one who’s managed to defy both the terrified, near-helpless protagonist trope of survival horror games, and the grizzled, impervious, manly-man trope of the shooting genre.  Thanks again to Champions Guild member Phillip Culley for suggesting him!  If you haven’t joined The Champions Guild yet, head on over and sign up now so you can be kept current with what’s going on with the blog!  You’ll also get two free eBooks written by yours truly.  Check it out!

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