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Character Spotlights!

Discuss this post in RPGFitGroup! Name: Talion Game(s): Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War Archetype: Fighter Class: Weapons Master Skills/Attributes: Skilled melee fighter. Talented archer. Ranger training. Tracker. Capable freerunner/traceur. Wraith abilities. Motivated by vengeance and a desire to oppose evil. Overview: With the Shadow of War on the horizon (ha ha ha) I thought it would be a […]

Discuss this post in RPG FitGroup!   Name: Wonder Woman/Diana Prince Game(s): Injustice: Gods Among Us 1&2, Justice League Task Force/Heroes Archetype: Tank Class: Warrior Skills/Attributes: Masterful hand-to-hand combatant. Super strength. Super speed. Super reflexes and agility. Godly wisdom and empathy. Elite level battlefield tactician. Expert pilot. Overview: With her own movie, Justice League, AND […]

Discuss this post in The Guild Hall! Name: Samurai Jack Game(s): Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku Skills/Attributes: Master of many, many weapons. Able to quickly adapt to and learn new fighting styles. Adept at using the environment to his advantage. Extremely agile. Durable. Deceptively strong. Incredibly determined. Overview: Though he’s not exactly a video game […]