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Character Spotlights!

Discuss this post in RPG FitGroup! Name: Mikasa Ackerman Game: Attack on Titan Archetype: Fighter Class: Weapons Master Skills/Abilities: Strong. Agile. Skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Master of omni-directional mobility gear. Total mental and physical self control. Ability to excel in anything she chooses to. Survivor. Overview: “This world is cruel, and also very beautiful.” Mikasa is a true badass.  Slayer […]

Discuss this post in RPG FitGroup! Name: Nightwing (AKA Dick Grayson, former alias Robin) Game: Batman: Arkham series (Let’s be honest he’s not a game character but I don’t care) Archetype: Fighter Class: Monk Skills/Abilities: Master acrobat. Master martial artist. Escape artist. Skilled in thrown weapons. Stealthy. Skilled in disguise. Multilingual. Peak human fitness. Trained by Batman in all […]

Discuss this post in RPG FitGroup! Name: Aloy Game: Horizon Zero Dawn Archetype: Rogue Class: Saboteur Skills/Abilities: Tracker. Hunter. Hacker. Skilled combatant. Extremely agile. Crafter. Determined. Curious. Overview: Aloy is the fierce, fearless protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn, released earlier this year on the Playstation 4.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is rebuilding […]