The Champions Guild: Initial Timelines

The Champions Guild

Hey guys, we’re going to be focusing on The Champions Guild this week, and today’s topic is the basic outline of where we’re going with the guild, in both the near and far future.  If you haven’t joined The Champions Guild yet, click here to go sign up for the mailing list and get the Guild Handbook, and the Four Week Reset Button eBooks for free!

The Near Future


The first big step for the Guild is to have a place for discussion right here on the blog!  The forums should be launching soon, and will feature different sub-forums for the different classes (don’t know what I’m talking about?  Check out the Guild Handbook!), as well as a general discussion area, and a few other cool sections (food and workout logs, fitness advice, progress pictures, etc.).  Look for this to be dropping sometime in the next month or two!

Guild Quests

What good is banding together in a guild if we can’t do cool stuff together?  I want to look into something like picking a charity to sponsor for the month, or maybe causes to raise awareness for, or something like that.  Living by the Champions Code includes improving the world around you, and setting an example.  We can accomplish a lot as a group, if we work together.  No immediate ETA on this one, but hopefully sometime mid-summerish.


Wear your Champion colors proudly!  I’m looking into doing a Teespring t-shirt drive, for an exclusive first edition run of Champions Guild t-shirts!  We also might be looking into patches/stickers/magnets, too, not sure.  If you have some form of merchandise you’d really like, feel free to let me know!  I might actually do an email survey to see what kind of stuff people would like.  Look for this stuff in a month or two as well.

Guild Game Nights

A few of you guys have asked about gaming together, and I’d really like to start organizing some online guild gaming nights.  Unfortunately, my gaming PC, as well as my Xbox Live account are both down at the moment, so that option is out for now, but I’d definitely like to look into doing these soon, as I think it would be a lot of fun!

The Less Near Future

Class Handbooks

These are going to be a series of three eBooks, each focusing on a specific guild class.  They’re not going to be free, not sure about a price range yet, but they will definitely be worth whatever it ends up being.  These are going to be in-depth guides, with multiple full workout regimens with diagrams, in-depth skills development, and all kinds of really awesome stuff.  I will keep you posted on these as I progress, I’m hoping maybe they’ll be ready to go by the end of summer, but that depends on how much of a writing maniac I am between now and then!  =P

Reader Gatherings

We haven’t hit a critical mass of people for this yet, but I’d like to start having reader meet-ups when we get a bit bigger!  Maybe coinciding with conventions, and whatever traveling I may do.  I think it would be lots of fun to all get together at a Barcade, or maybe have a fun workout in a local park or something.  This will have to be an ongoing conversation, and will be entirely dependent upon how fast we grow, so if this is something you want to see, then tell your friends about the blog and the Champions Guild!

The Distant Future

Champions Guild Workshops

This is something I really want to get to some day.  This would be something like a weekend or week-long fitness/self improvement camp.  It would probably be a decent chunk of change, since I’d have to get a space, as well as lodging and whatnot, but I think it would be a lot of fun, and really good for the Guild as a whole.  I’d bring in experts from different fields to work on skills development (parkour instructors, survival experts, martial arts instructors, etc.), and we could do some really cool stuff.  Again, if this is something you’d like to see, let me know, and let me know what you’d like it to entail.


In closing, really the Champions Guild is all about you guys.  I want you all to be as involved in the process as I am, because I’d really like to build a tight-knit, strong community here.  Again, if you haven’t joined yet, go sign up for the mailing list now.  I won’t spam you, and I won’t give out your email, you’ll just get a couple of great, free eBooks, and weekly updates on what’s going on with the blog and the Guild.

That’s it for today!  I’ll see you again tomorrow, with an excerpt from the Guild Handbook, and how it’s going to be altering the blog!  Please don’t forget to like the blog on Facebook, and follow on Twitter and TumblrWhile you’re at it, if you enjoyed this post, please share/retweet it to your friends!  As always, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome.

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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