Character Breakdown: Link

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Character Breakdown: Link
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Name: Link
Game(s): The Legend of Zelda Series, the Super Smash Brothers series, assorted game cameos.

  • Courageous
  • Athletic
  • Tenacious
  • Resourceful
  • Swordsman
  • Archer
  • Equestrian
  • Honorable

Sorry for the brief break there, folks, Skyrim could just not be denied!  We will be getting in that post on personal acceptance and growth sometime soon, but for now, we’re due for another character profile!  So, with Skyward Sword releasing this week, we take a look at Link, from the Legend of Zelda series!
Link is really our first, honest-to-goodness hero.  Ezio and Udyr both kind of fit the anti-hero archetype a bit better, and while Chun Li and Donkey Kong are definitely good guys, they are rather personally motivated by either revenge or competitiveness.  Link is really the first character we’ve got that really lays it all on the line for other people, sacrificing his own well-being for people he barely knows.  He is, in the video game world, the penultimate “knight in shining armor,” and is one of the oldest characters in the video gaming world.

So what is there to say about Link?  As the bearer of the triforce of courage, his bravery against insurmountable odds and gigantic foes is really what defines him.  He is tenacious, resourceful, and honorable.  Link is defined less by his individual skills, but rather, by the deeds he has done.  He is an excellent swordsman, of course, but he’s not known for his fantastic swordplay.  He is instead known for the difficult situations he encounters, and the way he resolves problems.

Link is a lean, fast, fighter-type character, and we’re going to look at a workout focused on battling the day away in unfamiliar places, and having the stamina, endurance, and strength to win out.  It’s never really appreciated that video game characters spend the whole day running, IN ADDITION to all the other feats they accomplish.  We’re going to shine a spotlight on this for our workout.

We’re going to go a bit more deeply into swordplay than we have before for our skills section, as well as taking a look at using your surroundings and tools you have available to their utmost capabilities.  Link’s toolbox is deep and varied, and he’s got new toys to play with every game.  We’re going to take a look at how you can quickly learn new skills and abilities.

Finally, for our philosophy bit we’re going to take a look at what it means to be truly courageous, and how to be a compassionate, chivalrous hero in the modern-day world.

That’s what’s on tap for this week, folks.  I’ll see you tomorrow for The Link Workout!  Until then, continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

Link, The Legend of Zelda and all  property therein are © Nintendo.

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    • DaRatmastah says:

      Sorry, going through and reformatting the old posts to fit the style of the new ones is still on my to-do list. If you want to see the rest of the Link posts, just click “Next Post” up at the top and cycle through them!

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        • DaRatmastah says:

          Agreed! I’d recommend some form of western-style wrestling (American mix, greco-roman, etc.) Link, being based upon European knight archetypes, would do best to learn a similar style to what European knights would learn, and they actually focused more on grappling than they did on striking techniques.

          Alternatively, you could also look into learning Sumo, since he practices that a bit in Twilight Princess. =D

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