AstraVex: How Phillip Jones lost 50 pounds on his quest to become Dante

Hey guys, I am SUPER stoked for this post.  A short while ago, a reader reached out to me on Youtube to let me know how much the blog helped him make some SIGNIFICANT changes in his life.  This man, Phillip Jones, AKA AstraVex, has an awesome story about the journey he’s taken, and the hardships he’s made it through to get here.  He hasn’t even made it to the “finish line” yet, and he’s already become a Champion in his own right.  Through his quest to become more like Dante, he utilized tools like The Dante Workout  and The Fighter Diet to transform who he was, and become who he wanted to be.  Check it out!



I’ve been Obese nearly all my life and since the beginning of September 2013, I’ve gone from 230lbs down to 180 lbs and gained muscles I never knew I had.My friends looks at me like I’m crazy to workout as much as I do (5 days a week), and family says it’s “Unhealthy” to workout that much and say it’s our genetics that make us fat and it can’t be changed.Hmm….that’s kinda funny. 

Because I’ve gone from getting out of breath after just walking up a flight of stairs, to being able to jog 3 or 4 miles every day. 

I’ve gone from barely being able to do even ONE push-up, to doing 20-30 regularly every morning.

I’ve gone from being the depressed pizza slob in my circle of friends to the hyper-active goofball that cheers up everyone around me =)
So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goals just because THEY can’t do it.

Dude, this is so awesome.  I am so happy for you, seriously.  Your progress is fantastic, and even though I know you aren’t at the finish line yet, I hope you can appreciate how amazing what you’ve already done is.  Fifty pound is HUGE!  And I’m glad to hear you’re getting so much more out of life, now!  It’s astounding what a difference a healthy lifestyle makes, isn’t it?  I mean, beyond the aesthetics, you’re describing a more fulfilling-sounding, fun-filled life!  That, I think, is worth everything.

If you don’t mind, could you maybe answer a few questions?
Questions? Yeah sure, fire away! 😀
Was there anything in particular that caused you to begin your journey to a more awesome life?
I think a lot of it stems from two main experiences in my life from last year:-First was going out with a girl for one summer who lied to me on an almost constant basis, cheated on me the entire time I was with her and kept me a dirty little secret, because she said she was “embarrassed to be seen with me”. This knocked my confidence a ton and I got so depressed, over-ate for weeks, thinking to myself “no-one wants me, I’m a loser, blah blah blah”, so that sucked!

This is also around the time I started reading the news articles about how “Video Games Cause Obesity”. So I’ve been on a mission to PROVE that video games and healthy living could not only go hand in hand, but also make life awesome!!

I bought a Wii-Fit as a good beginner tool and a cute way to track all my progress while I tried out lots of cardio and muscle toning. (Seeing that I had a BMI of 40 was Crushing! >_<) And I started, and still to this day, exercise to video game soundtracks and epic battle music.
P.S I highly recommend the soundtrack from the game “Shatter” by Module. 
Oh, and any metal songs by Luca Turilli, the lyrics are so cheesy and epic, they make you feel invincible! >:)
Dude, you have done amazing things. Have you had any cheerleaders on your journey that have actually applauded and encouraged your efforts?
My girlfriend has been an invaluable source of motivation. She believes I can do anything and even though I’m nowhere near my goal, she still thinks I’m the sexiest thing on the planet (God help her when I DO reach that goal!). She sees something in me that no-one else does and that pushes me as far as I can go every day.We work out together, we diet together, etc. The only problem is it’s been hard to motivate herself because she’s gotten into some Really bad habits from a past relationship, so we’ve been improving each other. Basically she wants to look like Bayonetta and I want to like like Dante by London Comic Con in May, so we’ll see who gets to their goal first! 😛
My dad is also very supportive too. He lives in New Zealand so Skype and Facebook are the only real way we can communicate. Every time I mention how I’ve reached a milestone or goal, he’s so proud of me and it makes me wanna do more, knowing that I’ve done well! He’ll be visiting me in a few weeks and I can’t wait for him to see me as I am now as apposed to a year ago. 🙂
Awesome, glad to hear you do have a few genuine cheerleaders, you can definitely count me as one of them now.  Another question: Did you have a moment where you first said, “Wow, this is really working!”?  What triggered that?

Probably a number of things, like being able to wear Medium-sized T-shirts instead of XXL and noticing my man-boobs had gone down, lol.

But I think the one that sticks out in my mind most was one morning where I woke up at 9am, literally jumped out of bed (as apposed to normally crawling out at 2pm), did a 30 minute routine of muscle toning and cardio, and then sticking my shoes on and jogging to my girlfriends house (about 2 miles from where I live) and still wasn’t out of breath or winded, etc. I got about 3/4’s of the way there, stopped and thought “Holy Crap, I have genuinely LEVELED UP!!”
That’s always an amazing personal moment  =D  When it comes to eating, do you have any favorite healthy foods/meals?

My absolute favourite stuff to cook has been mostly slimming Pasta and Chicken dishes. I cook everything from scratch now and I don’t even use my microwave anymore!One dish me and girlfriend love is – (don’t freak out on me) –  Diet Coke Chicken and Brown Rice. As messed up as that name is, its a really nice BBQ-style sauce, full of flavor, protein and fiber and low on calories. Also, another favourite is “Arriabata Fusilli”, or in English, “Angry Pasta with a tomato and chilli sauce”. Hot and spicy (which is great for your metabolism and mood) and still low in calories since I make the sauce from scratch. I found that most pasta sauces in jars come to around 600 calories (while mine is only 120 for two people! 😛 )

That sounds good!  My dad actually has a really tasty recipe for “Sprite Chicken,” so Diet Coke Chicken doesn’t sound so crazy to me =D  Now, I know you’re only part of the way through your journey.  What’s your final goal? (could be a goal weight/bodyfat percentage or perhaps a specific activity.  I know you mentioned cosplaying, which is awesome, but I didn’t know if you had a concrete finish line)

My final goal weight is probably gonna be around 150 pounds. I have about 28lbs to go and then I’m just gonna keep to my new eating habits and build some muscle until next September to work towards having the lean body I’ve always wanted! I’ll keep you posted on that with a before and after photo too!My new theory is “You wouldn’t let your gaming console get all screwy with corrupt files everywhere, crashing all the time and generally bloated with stuff that you don’t need. So why should You be that way? 🙂“The Fighter Diet” has been like a god-send to me, since I have Aspergers Disorder and routine is sacred to me. So working out a schedule of when and what to eat and exercise at what time has been amazing.

I’ve used to be the guy who super-sized his Burger King meals every time I was out with friends (I avoid fast-food altogether now) and one time I ordered Domino’s Pizza every day for a week (I once spent £150 on pizza in a Week?!?!). 

I even used to use video games as a reward system for eating. E.g “Yay, finally finished a level on Mega-man 9, let’s order take-out! :D”, or “Wow, finally finished DMC3 on Dante Must Die! Mode, Let’s go get burgers!”.  Not the best strategy, I know! : \

But since I’ve been on this new lifestyle change thanks to your help, I feel I have more control in my life and in better shape than I have since I was in 6th grade!
Just one final check, you’re cool with me putting all this up on the blog?  That’s some pretty personal stuff, but I really think you’d be an inspiration to others.
Yeah sure, go right ahead, go crazy! 🙂
Awesome, thanks!  And seriously though, keep up the good work, my man.  You are becoming epic, and a legend in your own right.  Remember, there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who are trying every day to do what you’ve done, and having a really hard time of it.  You however, are succeeding.  Well done =D

Continue to be awesome!

Thank you so much and I hope my story and answers have helped you realised that YOU ARE THE F%&^ING MAN! 😀
All The Best,
Phil (aka AstraVex)
So as you can see, Phil has had his share of rough times and struggles, but through a passion (the desire to become more like Dante, and cosplay as him), building a team, and sticking to goals, he has managed to persevere and become who he wants to be.  He is truly living boldly, changing the world around him, and being awesome.  Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel, to keep up with all things AstraVex!
Also, check out these awesome before and after photos!
I hope hearing AstraVex’s story and seeing his progress has inspired you as much as it’s inspired me.  Not only has he made HUGE strides and overcome big obstacles, he also gets it!  Getting in shape isn’t just about how you look, it’s about how you feel about yourself, and your capabilities.  Phil gets to have more fun, do more things, and feel better about himself because of the new lifestyle he’s leading.  Way to go, Champion.  Keep up the good work.
Remember, I’m always super stoked to hear about how you all are doing (even if it’s just eating well for a day, or getting in three workouts in a week for the first time!).  You can always reach out to me here, or email me at  As always, remember to live boldly, change the world,  and continue to be awesome!

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