Jackie and Dan’s Fitness Journey – Week 27

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Alrighty, back on track!  Feeling much better about this week, and I’m two pounds, to boot!  I’ve also got a new goal to work towards!  There’s a town festival coming up in a few months, and they’re going to have a 5K at the start of the festivities.  My brother and I are planning on running it in full uniform to help promote our dojo (we’re also going to have a table there for the rest of the day where we’ll be performing boards breaks and handing out flyers).  Cool stuff!

Exercise-wise, I did okay at the start of the week, but the nasty cold that kept me from updating on Thursday/Friday kept me down and out for most of the weekend.  Feels like that sucker’s finally going away, though, so it’s back on schedule tomorrow!  As far as diet is concerned, I did very well, and that’s where my loss came from, which is good!  Planning on continuing that trend this week!

Last week’s weigh-in: 205.4
This week’s weigh-in: 203.4



Okay, getting back on track is very difficult.  I worked very hard at it these past few weeks.  I did better than I expected but I still had my bad moments.  I first tried to be too extreme and eat very little.  The problem was it worked until I got home and stayed up late.  I would walk around the house looking for “snacks.”  FYI, snacks are fucking fatal to any weight loss goal, at least in my mind.  If I stick with drinking lots of water and three meals I’m good.  The moment I want a snack (a.k.a. “treat”) I’m going to over eat.  I have a lot of tells, as they say in poker, when it comes to bad eating and I’m still learning what they are.  The next step is to acknowledge they’re there and stop them.

As far as exercise goes, I have fallen behind.  Lately, there has been an increase in stress and I’ve used it as an excuse to avoid starting back up at the gym.  I would rather sleep in late and let myself get away with the excuse.  As the gym is more of a money issue for me, I’m going to have to either force myself back in the grove or quit.  I hate wasting money.  I think with a good kick in the butt I will get back in grove and hit the track and weights pretty soon.  It’s not quitting time!

Last weigh-in: 204.6
This week’s weigh-in: 201.6


That’s all for today!  See you again tomorrow!

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