It’s spring!  That means summer is right around the corner!  Now, I’m not usually one to pander to aesthetics, but let’s face it, we’d all like to look great in a bathing suit (myself included…)

If, like me, you’re looking to trade the winter keg in for a summer six pack, then I’d like to help you out with a big sale on LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

RPG Fitness Gallery Thumb

RPG Fitness is $10 off!

Boss Battles thumb

Boss Battles is only $10.99!

Headbands, Shaker Bottles, and the official Be a Game Character T-Shirt are all 20% off, or more!


Or, you can Get Equipped for only $20.99! (that’s, like, 33% off buying all of them separately!

So join me in the pledge to a sunny, sensational, strong, summer season, and let Be a Game Character help you chisel those abs to perfection!