How to Become Mikasa Ackerman

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Name: Mikasa Ackerman

Game: Attack on Titan

Archetype: Fighter

Class: Weapons Master


  • Strong.
  • Agile.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Master of omni-directional mobility gear.
  • Total mental and physical self control.
  • Ability to excel in anything she chooses to.
  • Survivor.


“This world is cruel, and also very beautiful.”

Mikasa is a true badass.  Slayer of titans, experienced soldier, powerful hand-to-hand combatant – Mikasa does it all.  Her combat prowess and slim yet muscular build place her in the Fighter archetype, while her blade skills, as well as her masterful skills with the ODM place her squarely in the Weapons Master class.

Determined to a fault, Mikasa went through trauma at a young age that inspired and solidified her impressive mental resolve.  Though the event left her somewhat withdrawn and cynical, it also forced her to push past her own limits, and awaken a part of herself she didn’t know existed.  This hidden strength allowed her to excel at basically anything she chose to, and she chose to excel at combat.

Mikasa Workout

Mikasa has an absolutely ridiculous power-to-weight ratio, and a physique to go with it.  In The Mikasa Ackerman Workout, we’re going to build a slim, compact, combat-ready body, designed to fly through the air and slice titans in half.  We’re looking for speed, agility, and core strength, to better maneuver in mid-air when using the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear.  Look for lots of calisthenics and plyometrics here, as well as fighting drills.

Mikasa Skills

In The Ackerman Factor we’re going to talk about Mikasa’s combat skills, first and foremost.  We’ll also discuss leading from the front and inspiring others.  We’ll also take a deep-dive into Mikasa’s greatest strength, the ability to set her mind to a task and see it completely through.  Her single-minded pursuit of goals is something you can apply to anything in life, and we’re going to look at techniques on how to attain this level of focus and determination.

Mikasa Mind

In The Mind of Mikasa we’re going to take a look at the events that made Mikasa who she is, and how they’ve shaped her personality and outlook on the world.  We’re also going to look at her fanatical devotion to Eren, and how this limited but powerful attachment brought her back from the brink.

Mikasa’s been a sleeper pick on the blog here for a while now, and the Attack on Titan universe is super cool.  I’m stoked to get into this character breakdown, so make sure you check back on Thursday for The Mikasa Ackerman Workout!

Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

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