The Iron Legion: An RPG Fitness Expansion!

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What’s up, folks?!  I’m excited to announce a NEW eBook coming to the Be a Game Character library, The Iron Legion: An RPG Fitness Expansion!  The eBook is currently in a PREORDER sale, which means you can buy the eBook, RIGHT now, and download the “rough” final draft of the book IMMEDIATELY at purchase!  This contains all three new classes, stories, workouts, and EVERYTHING else, it’s just missing the final cover, final formatting, and some exercise tutorials that I’m still editing and uploading.


Featuring three new classes, three new character stories, three new workout regimens, and a TON of new exercises, this eBook is packed FULL of awesome content to help YOU become the most awesome version of yourself.

New Rogue Class: The Trickster!

The Trickster is a spritely, nimble Rogue, inherently playful and inquisitive (if sometimes skewing a bit towards sadistic.) They use their surroundings to their advantage, similar to the Sniper, and they are excellent at improvising, like the Saboteur. At the time time, The Trickster is unique in their tendency towards elaborate planning, careful setup, and creative construction.

Physically, a Trickster does not appear physically imposing, favoring a slim, functional physique. At the same time, they can exhibit surprising strength when necessary. Sometimes you need some muscle to tighten down that wrench, lift that counterweight into place, or set up a deadfall!
They do need to maintain the ability to get away if one of their tricks goes awry, and so they favor the compact, well-muscled physique of a sprinter.

The Trickster workout will feature lots of plyometric and speed based bodyweight exercises, designed to make you the fastest, most explosive person you can be!

New Fighter Class: The Grappler!

The Grappler is a lean, strong, agile Fighter. They like meeting problems head on, but finding creative solutions to deal with them. They favor leverage, control, and – if all else fails – brute force to accomplish their goals. With more Finesse than the Brawler, but more brutal inclinations than the Monk or the Weapon master, they have a unique spot in the Fighter archetype.

Physically, a Grappler is strong and muscular, but not overly huge. Grappling arts and competitions are typically divided into weight classes, so every bit of extra that can be chipped away will be. They still need plenty of lean muscle, however, if they’re going to be throwing and pinning other human beings. It’s a delicate balance of strength potential vs. size, where the Grappler is trying to get the best power-to-weight ratio possible.

The Grappler workout will be a kettlebell based workout, designed to build strong, dynamic, lean muscle mass.

New Tank Class: The Titan!

The Titan is a beast, plain and simple. Broad, muscled, and imposing as all hell, the Titan is the kind of person that throws boulders around for fun, or wrestles gorillas on a lark. They are unrelenting, unyielding, and, at times, utterly ruthless. They’re broader than the Paladin, more relentless than the Juggernaut, and stronger than the Warrior. This is the class for someone who wants to be a walking mountain.

Physically speaking, the Titan doesn’t care very much about speed. They want size, and they want power. Large EVERYTHING is the name of the game, starting with a massive, muscled core and working outwards to tree trunk legs, anaconda arms, and a neck like a Roman column.

The Titan workout is our most rigorous powerlifting based workout, taking cues from both traditional lifting and strongman style workouts.  The idea is to get REALLY BIG and REALLY, REALLY strong.


Now, it’s important to note: 

This is a standalone expansion pack!  It’s designed to plug into the RPG Fitness system, however it does not come with the character sheet template, leveling chart, or nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement guides that you get in the full RPG Fitness volume.  HOWEVER, the workouts work just fine, you don’t NEED RPG Fitness to use every single bit of this eBook!  It’s just nice if you’ve got it.


Sound amazing?  You know it does.

So get in here and grab a copy, ON SALE, right now!  Pick up The Iron Legion today at a discounted, preorder price, and start building the body of your dreams TODAY.


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