Greetings, adventurer!

The treasure hunt sale has returned!  Back and better than ever before!

If you’ve not participated in the treasure hunt sale before, here’s how it works: as you browse through the site, you will occasionally see a treasure chest pop up!  These chests contain discount codes for all kind of stuff in The Armory, good until the end of the month!  However, unlike previous years, there’s MORE than one kind of chest to find!  Check it out:

The standard chest is our old friend from previous hunts.  It will contain modest coupons for most items in the store, decent savings, but nothing too MAJOR.  All coupons can be combined, however, so it’s worth clicking this chest every time you see it so you can couple it with more powerful chest rewards!


The ice chest is a guardian of knowledge.  It’s rarer than the standard chest, but it contains steeper discounts, particularly for eBooks like RPG Fitness or Boss Battles.  Again, these coupons can be combined with other chests, so you might get a standard chest and an ice chest coupon for the eBook you’ve had your eye on (if you’re lucky!)


The fire chest holds hot deals on physical BaGC items!  T-shirts, shaker bottles, and headbands are all the purview of this chest.  You might get a discount on an item itself, or maybe free shipping!  Again, you can combo the coupons, so keep trying your luck until you get what you’re looking for!


Finally, we have the GOLD chest.  These chests are SUPER rare, but they offer savings on your entire CART.  These chests could double or triple the value of your other chests, depending on what you’re looking to get, so CLICK THIS ONE WHENEVER YOU SEE IT!

As I mentioned above, the chest coupons are good for the entire month of December, but they’ll be USELESS come January 1st, so get them while the getting is good, and write down every coupon you get!  If you’re super nice, you can also share coupon codes with your friends (or you can just let them find the codes themselves.  =P)

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  1. Ventilador says:

    Dan, can you make a complete gym routine for mass? The Trainer of my gym is an idiot, really. I don’t know what to do.

    • DaRatmastah says:

      I’ve got quite a few already! If you go to the character list at the top, most of the routines for the “tank” characters would be good for developing mass! In the RPG Fitness eBook, as well, you’ll find great mass routines for the paladin, warrior, and juggernaut workouts. Let me know if you have any specific questions or concerns on those options 🙂

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