The Cloud Strife Workout

Hey all! We have yet ANOTHER bonus one-shot workout courtesy of our supporters over on Patreon!  For those not in the know, for every month that at least $50 is pledged to Be a Game Character over on Patreon, I cover one bonus character workout (JUST a workout) chosen from a pool suggested by Patrons!  For our October reward character, I decided to go with Cloud Strife!

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So, with that out of the way, let’s talk Cloud!  First, before you ask, no, this post doesn’t preclude the chance of Cloud getting a full breakdown in the future.  However, a long time ago I did a Cloud workout for a now-defunct fan website, and since it disappeared with that website, I figured it was long overdue a resurrection.  Phoenix Down, here we come!

Cloud’s a strong dude, obviously, if he’s wielding something like the Buster Sword.  At the same time, he’s not super bulky.  He’s got decent muscle mass, and definition, but definitely not anything like, say, Arthas, or even Akuma.  I would place Cloud in the Fighter archetype, with a class of Weapon Master.  So, to fit this, we want to build a lean, strong body, ready to wield large, bladed weapons.

So, our workout will help with the strong, capable body, but for the lean portion of that description, we need to check out our diet!  For an intro to nutrition principles, check out Macros and You!  If you’re starting out on the heavier side, I’d definitely recommend starting by cutting down your body fat percentage a bit.  The Secret to Burning Fat will help with that.  On the other hand, if you’re on the slimmer side and you’re looking to bulk up, check out The Secret to Building Mass.

As with all workouts, you’re going to want to Warm Up before every session, and Cool Down afterwards.


Station –  Perform all sets of an exercise before moving on to the next exercise.  Rest 1-3 minutes between sets.

Equipment Needed:
Pull Up Bar
Sledge Hammer

Level 1 (Beginner):

3×3-5 Bodyweight Squats
3×3-5 Chair-assisted Pull Ups
3×8-10 Kneeling Push Ups
3×8-10 Arnold Presses
3×8-10 One Arm Dumbbell Rows
3×5-10 second Planks
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Curls
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Extensions

Level 2 (Intermediate):

5×5-10 Bodyweight Squats
5×3-5 Pull Ups
3×8-10 Push Ups
3×8-10 Arnold Presses
3×8-10 One Arm Dumbbell Rows
5×5-10 second Planks
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Curls
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Extensions

Level 3 (Advanced):

5×5-10 Goblet Squats
5×5-10 Pull Ups
3×10-15 Push Ups
3×8-10 Arnold Presses
3×8-10 One Arm Dumbbell Rows
5×10-20 second Planks
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Curls
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Extensions

Level 4 (Limit Break):

5×5-10 Goblet Squats
5×10-15 Pull Ups
3×15-25 Push Ups
3×8-10 Arnold Presses
3×8-10 One Arm Dumbbell Rows
5×20-30 second Planks
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Curls
3×8-10 Dumbbell Wrist Extensions

Strength Notes:

We’re going with a hybrid of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises here.  On the exercises with dumbbells, start at a low weight, and shoot to add 5 lbs every other week or so.  The bodyweight exercises are designed to ramp up to higher repetitions and/or more sets, as necessary.  This should build solid muscular endurance, as well as core strength (for wielding that buster sword!)  We’ve also got solid forearm strengthening exercises, again, for buster sword wielding!


Style: Circuit – Complete one set of one exercise, move immediately to the next exercise, until one set of every exercise is finished.  Rest one minute, then repeat.

Level 1 (Beginner):

3×10 Jumping Jacks
3×5 Burpees (with Jump and Push Up)
3×5 Speed Skaters (each side)
3×5 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)

Level 2 (Intermediate):

3×20 Jumping Jacks
3×10 Burpees (with Jump and Push Up)
3×10 Speed Skaters (each side)
3×10 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)

Level 3 (Advanced):

4×25 Jumping Jacks
4×15 Burpees (with Jump and Push Up)
4×15 Speed Skaters (each side)
4×15 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)

Level 4 (Limit Break):

5×30 Jumping Jacks
5×20 Burpees (with Jump and Push Up)
5×20 Speed Skaters (each side)
5×20 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)

Cardio Notes:

We’re looking to build explosive combat movement (jumping jacks and speed skaters,) whole body conditioning and coordination (burpees,) and sword-swinging core endurance and power (sledgehammer slams.)  Doing it all in a circuit with minimal rest builds anaerobic conditioning, which is great for limit breaking combat conditioning!


Day 1: Strength
Day 2: Cardio
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Strength
Day 5: Cardio
Day 6: Strength
Day 7: Rest

Schedule notes:

Straightforward schedule, here.  As usual, listen to your body and rest more if you need it, or add an extra strength or cardio day in if you’d like.

That’s it for the Cloud Strife workout!  Thanks again to everyone on Patreon for supporting the blog, it’s because of awesome people like you that I can keep doing this!  I’ll see you again on Monday with a new character spotlight!  Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

The Best Dan Wallace


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