Announcing the Halloween Super Sale!

The Tomes of Knowledge have been opened, and a new Be a Game Character release has appeared!


The Anti-Monster Manual has been released!  Featuring seven spooky monster classes, with martial art recommendations and seven one-shot workouts designed to combat them, the Anti-Monster Manual is currently 25% OFF, in order to ensure you survive any horrific encounter this Halloween!

Not badass enough?  In that case, you might be interested in the Monster Boss Bundle!

Boss Monsters

Featuring both The Anti-Monster Manual, AND Boss Bundles, the Monster Boss Bundle features a staggering 37 workouts, with a savings of 30% OFF the standard prices for both eBooks by themselves!

STILL NOT ENOUGH?!  You must be looking to be some kind of awesome…  Well then, feast your eyes on The Quest of Courage Bundle!

Quest of Courage

With The Anti-Monster Manual, RPG Fitness, AND Boss Battles included, The Quest of Courage features 46 workouts, nine classes, a full nutrition guide, AND the RPG Fitness leveling system!  This bundle saves you a full $20 off the standard price for all three eBooks individually, and is packed full of enough features to turn in into a bona fide HERO.  Grab The Quest of Courage bundle while you still can!  Just like Halloween, these savings won’t last forever…

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