How to Become Aloy

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Name: Aloy

Game: Horizon Zero Dawn

Archetype: Rogue

Class: Saboteur


  • Tracker.
  • Hunter.
  • Hacker.
  • Skilled combatant.
  • Extremely agile.
  • Crafter.
  • Determined.
  • Curious.


Aloy is the fierce, fearless protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn, released earlier this year on the Playstation 4.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is rebuilding after being wiped out by the Faro Plague, Horizon Zero Dawn follows Aloy on her quest to stop the genocidal machine plague from destroying the world a second time.  To do so, she must unite the tribes together, and strike down the rogue AI, HADES.

As a character, Aloy is kind of like a mixture of Lara Croft and Connor Kenway, with a little Aiden Pearce thrown in for good measure.  She’s determined, inventive, creative, and curious, with a solid suite of pseudo-primitive human skills to back up her considerable intellect.  In addition to being a master hunter, tracker, and crafter, she’s also learned how to use her Focus to hack machinery and creatures left over from the before-times.  Due to her stealthy nature and creative problem solving, I decided to place her in the Rogue category, and the Saboteur class seems to be the best fit due to her ability to use a wide range of tools and abilities to accomplish her goals.

Let’s take a look at how we can become more like Aloy in the next three posts!


The Aloy Workout is going to feature primarily bodyweight style exercises (because honestly, what are the odds Alloy came across a weight set in her travels?)  Minimum equipment, maximum results.  Aloy spends a lot of time wandering, climbing, and exploring outside of combat.  In combat, she goes from stealthy assassin to in-your-face-combatant, and then right back again.  We’re going to build a strong, capable fighter who can handle any kind of terrain or enemy thrown at her.

concept art image for the video game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla

The Skills of a Seeker will explore the combat and practical skills Aloy has developed through her time with Rost and beyond.  Spear based fighting systems are going to be highlighted, as well as archery and general marksmanship.  We’re also going to go over tracking, principles of stalking, and hunting.  Aloy’s capabilities as a new-stone-age “maker” will also be loooked at.  Finally we’ll touch on hacking which probably won’t be quite as cool as using a “Focus” to open ancient tech facilities and take over rampaging cyborg beasties, but still pretty cool nonetheless.


Aloy’s Genius will be our mental and psychological examination of the intrepid young woman.  We’re going to highlight the aspects of her character that help her succeed where all others have failed; her curiosity, tenacity, and resourcefulness.  We’ll also look at how growing up as an outsider affected her development as a person, and shaped her worldview as an adult.  Societal status can have a big effect on personal development, and it’s worth spending some time examining.  I’m looking forward to this post, as Aloy’s biggest strength, through everything, is her mental prowess and strength.

So that’s the road map ahead!  I’m definitely psyched for it.  Aloy is an awesome character, and Horizon Zero Dawn is an awesome game!  I’ll see you again on Thursday, with The Aloy Workout!

Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

The Best Dan Wallace

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4 thoughts on “How to Become Aloy

  1. Fire says:

    Hey Wallace. I’m at Keyblade Master Level in Riku Workout, I have a diet and i’m bigger now (yay!) But my triceps are Small. Maybe The push Ups are not really good. What can I do?

    • DaRatmastah says:

      For bodyweight stuff, dips are good, as are diamond push ups, but to be honest if push ups aren’t getting them to grow as much as you’d like, there’s not much more that bodyweight can do for you. You need to add some weightlifting in. Skull crushers are my favorite weight exercise for triceps. =D

        • DaRatmastah says:

          Monday! I apologize, I opened my brick-and-mortar personal training service last week so I’ve been kind of jammed up getting that rolling, PLUS we have a halloween-themed eBook coming out before the end of the month that I’ve been working on as well. Very very soon!

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