Empress in Exile

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Empress in Exile

Paradise Lost

Emily lived a charmed life for most of her youth.  The daughter of aristocracy, born to the Empress of the Isles, she was always a bright, creative, gifted child.  Though her parentage was kept a secret to the public, she got to grow up with her father around her always as her mother’s dedicated protector.  Her life was cast into chaos, however, when her mother was murdered before her eyes.  This introduced Emily to a kind of darkness that few children experience, especially those born into cushy positions of royalty and privilege.

Sometimes tragic experiences can rip us apart, but other times they can make us stronger.  Often this comes down to a combination of the person’s history, and their environment.  Though Emily experienced a tragedy few of us ever have to face, at a younger age than most, she doesn’t give in to her despair.  She has Corvo and other around to support her, and he has her own history of personal character to draw upon as well.

This is why building a group of supportive friends and family members is so important, before you “need” them.  Having a strong base before something bad happens is basically like having personal insurance against bad times.  If you wait until you need it, you’re usually too late.

The Young Empress

Emily’s maturity into adulthood brings with it a more serious, measured demeanor than the creative innocence of her childhood.  The experiences of her childhood and the trauma’s she’s endured have left her a more measure, reserved, and cautious person.  Nevertheless, she maintains the kindness and benevolence of her youth, showing herself to be a just, wise, and compassionate ruler.  She has no taste for sycophants and suck-ups, however, and finds herself disdaining the members of the court who gather around for her blessings and approval.

Despite her distaste for the members of the court, and her own personal hardships to overcome, she still serves as a ruler of the people, trying to do the right thing for the residents of Dunwall whenever and however she can.  It’s important for us, too, to remember in our lives to not allow the pain of our past to shut us down from the good we can do in the world.  Similarly, we shouldn’t allow the sour taste some people leave in our mouths to sour our relationship with all people.

Hey There, Delilah

When Delilah Copperspoon usurps Emily’s throne, it puts Emily in a position she’s never found herself in before; that of a true outsider, and a wanted fugitive.  No longer welcome in her own home, her own court, or even her own country, Emily must battle her way back to her throne.  Along the way, she begins to experience life in different ways than she has before, no longer a member of royalty.  All the same, in some ways she finds it almost pleasurable.  As a member of the court, she struggled to find time to escape to wander the rooftops.  As Emily Kaldwin, empress in exile, she spends her time running along the back alleys and side streets, employing all the skills Corvo taught her in her youth (not to mention those granted to her by the Outsider’s mark.)

Still, despite the allure of a life outside the court, Emily returns to her own responsibilities, to the people and the nation of the Isles.  Even in her return, however, she is just (at least, if you get the best ending…)  She rules over her people benevolently, and traps Delilah in a fantasy of her own making, rather than killing the broken usurper.

Sometimes in life we get given a chance to escape from our own responsibilities.  As a temporary measure, this isn’t a bad thing!  Everyone needs a vacation.  However, running away from them permanently can often lead to compounding problems, rather than a long term solution.  If you’re given a chance to step away and experience a new life, it’s always a good idea to try it, but if you find your responsibilities so toxic that you dread returning, it may be time to examine why those responsibilities are so unpleasant to you, and how you might be able to bring some of them to a productive end.

In dealing with others, too, it’s sometimes tempting to fly off the handle and verbally (or physically) assault them.  When we have pain done to us, the first instinct is usually to return the pain in kind.  But it’s also important to remember the person, the human being you’re dealing with.  Realize they have their own feelings and emotions, and that they come from a different place than you.  It’s always better to resolve things in a just, productive way, rather than skipping straight to burning bridges.


That’s it for our time with Emily Kaldwin!  I hope you enjoyed it!  We’ll be back again on Monday for a story from a real life game character, a fan of the blog who managed to use games and fitness to improve his own life!  It’s a great story, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

Until then, as always, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

The Best Dan Wallace

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