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Wonder Woman Mind

Wonder Woman stands apart from her Justice League counterparts in a number of ways, not the least of which being that she is, quite literally, royalty..  Her origins, her upbringing, and her attitude towards others all make her stand out among the other superheroes of the DC universe.  Let’s take a look at what makes Wonder Woman so unique, and how we can learn from and incorporate these traits in our own lives.


Diana is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, formed from the very earth of Themyscira.  She is a princess, but not just by birthright.  The Amazon culture places strong value in earning one’s place in society, and Diana demonstrates her abilities again and again.  While the incredible abilities she was granted at birth (more on that in a bit) certainly aid her in this, it’s her decision making, leadership, and strength of character that truly define her as a leader.

Many people want to be a leader in life, but in striving to lead others they tend to lose sight of the values that make a great leader. Humility.  Sacrifice.  Respect towards others. The second a leader starts thinking they’re “somethin’ somethin'” and begin throwing their weight around is when they cease to be a great leader, and settle into just a mediocre one (or worse, not a leader at all.)

In leading the Amazons, Wonder Woman leads by example.  She puts everything she has into everything she does.  She tries to remain objective in conflict, humble in her dealings with her peers, and is authoritative only when she needs to be.  If you want to lead others, look to her example.  Respect your peers.  Lead from the front.  Use your authority only when absolutely necessary, and make sure that that authority is always earned.


Wonder Woman is frequently both the most compassionate member of the Justice League, and the most ruthless.  While that may seem a bit of a contradiction, here’s an example for you: She has shown, on more than one occasion, shock at the abuse that Batman sometimes puts perpetrators through (especially when trying to obtain information.)  However, at the same time, unlike most other members of the Justice League, she doesn’t shy away from lethal force when a foe presents a truly lethal threat.

Wonder Woman is an Amazon Warrior.  She’s not a detective, or a benevolent alien.  She was born in the fires of combat (something the Greek pantheon is quite familiar with,) and she isn’t afraid to resort to war when she thinks it’s necessary.  She will do everything she can to avoid it initially, but when it’s time to go, Wonder Woman does not hesitate.  Sometimes this can be unsettling to her teammates (particularly Superman.)

You should strive to be compassionate towards others in your day-to-day life.  Handing out abuse and creating negativity doesn’t help anyone, and it generally just sours the life of the one doling it out.  However, there is nothing wrong with recognizing toxic, irreparable threats in your environment and dealing with them decisively.  Of course, your response should always be proportional to the level of threat presented (don’t go punching a co-worker in the mouth because they’ve got a negative attitude most of the time,) but don’t be afraid to make it decisive (consider asking not to be scheduled with that co-worked, bring it to the attention of your superiors, and, in extreme cases, consider finding a new job.)

Wonder Woman is a warrior, and she’s not afraid to bring war upon her enemies.


Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta and the earth of Themyscira itself.  Born of the earth, and granted great physical and mental gifts by the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, she is far and above one of the strongest, most capable beings on earth.  Many don’t know that her gifts go beyond just strength, flight, super-healing, and super-reflexes.  Diana also has super-human empathy, charisma, senses, and the ability to calm and command animals.

Now, you probably weren’t born with all of those gifts (and if you were, I am super jealous.)  However, we are all born with our own strengths and weaknesses.  I usually try not to give too much credence to talent, but the fact is, some people have strengths in one area, while some have strengths in another.  How much of this is inborn and how much is learned is a much larger debate than we have room for here, but the fact is that you’ve got ’em.  So, use ’em!

Way too many people spend way too much time worrying about their weaknesses, or trying to make up for them.  Stop that.  Knock it off.  It’s only dragging you down.  Instead, focus on and play to your own, personal strengths.  Recognize the things that you do well, the things that you are drawn to, and the things that you are passionate about.  Let them become your “true north” of your internal compass.  Feed your strengths and abilities, not your weaknesses and fear, and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go, as long as you’re willing to be patient, and keep working at them!

You have a little bit of demi-god in you, too.  We all do.  We just need to draw it out.

That’s it for our time with wonder woman!  I’ll see you again on Thursday with a new blog post!  Until then, as always, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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