2017 – New format changes!

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So here’s a new thing, folks.

To be honest, I need a break from writing long blog posts.  Coming back in 2016 was awesome, and we had basically a full year with no missed updates (barring maybe one…or two?  I think I took a week off?  Anyway…)  But I am 100% burned out, FOR THE MOMENT, on writing long blog posts.  Mostly because I feel like, in a lot of ways, it’s not fulfilling the purpose I want for them.  Heck, it’s part of the reason updates were so spotty for January.

SO, going forward, here’s how things are going to go:


  • Character breakdowns/workouts as usual.
  • Skills posts as long as need be.
  • Psychological profile posts as the character warrants it (I’m sorry but doing moody determined antihero guy for the thousandth time is just starting to grate on me.)
  • Inter-character blog posts of varying lengths, subjects, or whatever.
  • Still updating Monday and Thursday.

Basically, previously I held myself to the condition of a minimum of 700 words per blog post, for the most part.  However, I found myself:

1) Starting to pad my posts and…

2) Beginning to not look forward to writing them due to the time involved and the unconscious need to do the aforementioned padding.

So, the blog is going to be a little more open season, moving into 2017.  I’m going to be less hung up on writing long posts just to write them, and I also might drift a bit further than usual from the core topic of “becoming a real life game character.”

Honestly, I mostly just need to rekindle my writing spark and stretch my legs a bit.  I’m also hoping to expand further on the YouTube channel (which I know seems a bit counter-intuitive at the moment since I haven’t uploaded a new video since the beginning of January.)

This has been kind of a weird month for me, with a lot of unexpected soul-searching and whatnot.  I feel like I’ve been drifting for a couple weeks, but that it was necessary to start forging my path onward and upward.

I know change can be a little scary, but I honestly think this is going to be a great one.  I think you’re going to like where content is going from here, and I’m super psyched to use the time I’m NOT writing arbitrarily long blog posts or forcing subjects I’m not super interested in to produce other nifty stuff for you fine people.

Have thoughts on where Be a Game Character should go in 2017? Let me know over in the forum!

I’ll see you on Monday, when we should be resuming actual, real regular updates.

Live boldly, change the world, and be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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2 thoughts on “2017 – New format changes!

  1. Eupho says:

    I agree with the direction you want to go into. You started out doing this wanting to make people share your passions for gaming and fitness. If you aren’t feeling as passionate because of (as you said in so many words) the same (antihero) characteristics come up in a lot of posts, I agree that you should switch it up a little. All of the workouts I have used from the site have been great, and I have been introducing people to it left and right. They have also enjoyed what they’re seeing. You’re doing an amazing job with this and at the end of the day it’s your project and you know what’s best for it. I for one will continue to support and follow what you do; granted I’m not the biggest comment-er or blog/forum poster. Maybe I can change that but neither here nor there. I look forward to any and all changes you put forth this new year and in the many to come. Take care and keep being awesome, you’re doing a great job here and helping a lot of people; myself included.

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Thank you. That honestly means a lot. It’s okay if you don’t comment/forum that much, just having peeps here and reading is awesome =D I’m super happy I’ve been able to bring awesome stuff to you, and that you’ve enjoyed the stuff I write.

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