The Arthas Workout

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The Lich King Workout


Armas Massafill (like most high-level Warcraft characters) wields HUGE weapons, wears MASSIVE armor, and is generally built like a professional football player.  Actually, a professional football player crossed with Popeye (dem forearms.)  As such, we’re going to be lifting a lot of weight, building massive shoulders, strong hands and forearms, and a powerful build.  We’ll also be going into some upper body conditioning to ensure you’re not too tired after swinging Frostmourne around.

Arthas (as with all Paladin or anti-Paladin type characters) is a big dude.  If you want to be like him, you’re going to need to put on some serious muscle, which requires a good nutritional plan.  Check out Macros and You! for an initial look at how to set this up.  If you think you’re ready to go full Death Knight, then you’ll want to grab RPG Fitness as soon as you are able.

As with all workouts, you’re going to want to Warm Up before every session, and Cool Down afterwards.

Note: This workout, like most, is designed to easily plug into the RPG Fitness workout system.  For the weightlifting portions, stick with the guidelines for “The Paladin Workout.”

Equipment Needed:
Dip Station
Squat Rack
Old Tire


Station –  Perform all sets of an exercise before moving on to the next exercise.  Rest 1-3 minutes between sets.

Strength A:

5×5 Back Squat
3×8-12 Bench Press
3×8-12 Bent-Over Row
3×8-12 Chest Dips (add weight as needed)
5×5-10 Sledgehammer Levers (front and back)

Strength B:

5×5 Deadlift
3×8-12 Overhead Press
3×8-12 Bicep Curls
3×8-12 Front Delt Raises
3×8-12 Shrugs

Strength Notes:

This complex will hit the majority of your major muscle groups every workout, with some extra attention paid to different minor complexes every time.  You’re going to alternate between these workouts every strength day, (so if you do Strength A one day, you’ll do Strength B on the next.)


Level 1 (Beginner):

3 Burpees
3 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)
Rest 1 minute
Repeat 3 times

Level 2 (Intermediate):

5 Burpees
5 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)
Rest 1 Minute
Repeat 5 times

Level 3 (Advanced):

10 Burpees
10 Sledgehammer Slams (each side)
Rest 1 Minute
Repeat 5 times

Level 4 (Death Knight):

2 Minutes Continuous Burpees
3 Minutes Continuous Sledgehammer Slams (each side)
Rest 1 Minute
Repeat 5 times

Cardio Notes:

Sledgehammer slams are just where you swing a sledgehammer in an overhand blow at an old tire.  Sledgehammers are cheap (like $10-15) and you can usually get an old tire for free from any car or tire repair shop.  This is going to build serious anaerobic and upper body conditioning, and get you in shape for swinging greatswords and hammers around!


Day 1: Strength
Day 2: Cardio
Day 3: Strength
Day 4: Cardio
Day 5: Strength
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Rest

Schedule Notes:

As mentioned in the strength notes, you’re just going to alternate between strength workouts every time you do them.  If you’re just starting out, I’d take an extra rest day on day 4, though eventually you’ll get to the point where you won’t need to.  With a schedule like this you’re going to be burning a lot of calories, so make sure you’re keeping your intake up if you’re looking to build serious mass!

That’s it for the Arthas workout!  Whether you’re striving to become a Paladin or a Death Knight, this workout should give you a solid strength base and serious mass, assuming you’re eating enough to put the muscle on!  I’ll see you again on Monday, with The Powers of a Death Knight!  Until then, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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