Boss Battles – The Burner

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Hey folks!  This is one of the THIRTY new exercise routines coming in the first expansion volume for RPG Fitness – Boss Battles!  These are intended to be one-time, heavy duty fitness tests, to be performed once or twice a month for extra XP!  Each workout has recommendations for which archetype (or archetypes) it works best for.  Todays preview workout is The Burner, designed to test the muscular endurance of the Rogue!  Enjoy!

Oh by the way, if you head over and pre-order the final version of Boss Battles, you’ll get the beta release edition of the book WITH ALL THIRTY EXERCISES, RIGHT NOW.


The Burner

Required Equipment:

Pull Up Bar


Recommended Archetype(s):



The Boss:

45 second Half-Push Up Hold

45 second Flexed-Arm Hang

45 second Squat Hold

45 second Plank

Rest thirty seconds

Repeat 5 times



A relatively simple boss, for sure, but devilishly evil in its execution.  The short thirty seconds of rest you get between circuits isn’t quite enough time for your body to recover completely.  Targeting your core with two different exercises is guaranteed to gas you out quicker.  Get ready to finish this one shaking, sweating, and wondering why you didn’t pick something less grueling for your challenge.


If this one starts getting easy for you, you can either add weight in the form of a weighted vest, or start adding on time in fifteen second increments.  I’d recommend both.  Also, no cheating!  If you add time to one exercise, you need to add the same amount of time to ALL exercises.  You don’t want them to feel left out, do you?



850 XP


That’s it!  Hope you enjoy!  And remember, if you pre-order, you get the full Beta Release, today!

Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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