How to Be Like Krillin

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Name: Krillin

Game(s): Various Dragonball and Dragonball Z Titles

Archetype: Fighter

Class: Monk


  • One of the most powerful human beings in the world.
  • Flight.
  • Ki blasts/energy blasts.
  • Destructo Disk.
  • Kamehameha Wave.
  • Trained under the Turtle Hermit.
  • Brave.
  • Loyal friend.


Krillin has actually been requested quite frequently both here on the blog, and over on the YouTube channel.  Frequently the butt of jokes related to Dragonball Z, a lot of people tend to overlook the fact that Krillin is one of the strongest human beings in the Dragonball universe.  Sure, when you match him up against Saiyans, half Saiyans, Namekians, and other alien fighters, he may come up a bit short (ha ha, short…) but amongst regular human beings, Krillin’s actually incredibly strong and talented.

Krillin’s a Fighter in every sense, even if he claims to have given up on fighting in Dragonball Super.  His focus, thoughtful combat, training style, and mastery of multiple hand-to-hand combat disciplines make him a perfect example of the Monk class.  Heck, for most of Dragonball and Dragonball Z he even dressed like a monk!

Krillin is, in my opinion, a super interesting dude, and highly undervalued in the Dragonball universe, especially among its fan base.  Let’s take a look as how we’re going to break this dude down!


In The Krillin Workout we’re going to do things Master Roshi style.  Bodyweight at first, adding on weighted vests or backpacks later on!  We’ve been pretty weightlifting-heavy here lately, so I feel like it’s definitely time to return to a minimal-equipment program!  Our goals are going to be speed, then strength!


Next up will be The Skills of a Monk!  First, as usual, we’re going to break down Krillin’s combat style.  Look for some kung fu and karate influences here!  Next up will be projectile combat.  I can’t promise you I’ll be able to teach you how to throw ki blasts, but I can teach you how to hit stuff from a distance in a variety of fun ways!  Finally, we’ll talk about the focus a monk (or a disciple of Master Roshi) must develop on the path of their training, and how we can develop that focus, too!


Finally, in The Bravery of Krillin we’re going to talk about the strength of Krillin’s bonds with his friends, and how it gives him bravery in incredible circumstances.  Krillin is, admittedly, more and more underpowered in the Dragonball universe as time goes on.  That has never kept him from being there for his friends, however, no matter how bad the circumstances or how high the power levels.  He’s stood up to demi-gods, knowing he is incredibly outclassed, just because his friends are under threat.  That’s powerful bravery, born only from powerful loyalty.


This is going to be a great series.  I may lose some “cool points” with some of you for covering Krillin before Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, or even Piccolo,  but I think there’s a lot more character to explore, here, which makes him all the more approachable.

I’ll see you next time, with The Krillin Workout!  Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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