Going Superhuman

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Going superhuman

So, I’m embarking on a sort-of-new journey, here.  I say sort-of-new because I’ve never laid it out like this before, but thematically it sticks with my basic approach to life: become more awesome.  The idea actually spawned from a discussion on Reddit the other day.  There was a recent rash of posts in the r/GetDisciplined subreddit, which I frequently lurk in, about the idea of “Going Superhuman.”  Now, that’s something we’ve covered here on the blog before, as well, in many different respects, and in some ways it definitely reflects what we’re trying to do, here.

However, for most of the people on the subreddit, the idea of becoming superhuman was trying to start a whole bunch of new lifestyle habits and changes all at once, most of which had less to do with “being superhuman” and more to do solid living habits (getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, etc.)  Now, while I’m a HUGE fan of positive living habits, I’m not a big fan of trying to start a whole bunch of them at once, and on top of that, I don’t think that doing so would make one feel “superhuman.”  So I made a post saying as much.  A lot of people liked it, some people didn’t agree, we had some great discussions.


It did get my wheels turning.  What would it mean to actually become “superhuman?”  I mean, in like the Batman/Hawkeye/Nightwing/Shang Chi sense – characters who are at the very pinnacle of human achievement but don’t actually have “super powers.”

So, I did some research (as I have been known to do.)  I looked up strength standards, distance event standards, military and special forces standards, and set up some goals.  I then threw in a smattering of my own personal skill goals.  These became my own superhuman standards, and the start of a new project!

Going Superhuman

The Going Superhuman project is going to be a new weekly installment over on The BaGC Youtube Channel, to join our other current weekly show, Q&A Tuesday!

You know that whenever I talk about goals, I talk about how your reasons for them need to be personal.  Now, “I want to be in the best shape of my life,” sounds awesome, but it’s not personal enough.  So I had to find a better one.

I did.

What’s my reason?  Well heck, this is going to be a video show, so watch the video to find out!  I’ll also lay out the metrics, time goals, reasons for picking the standards I did, and other stuff about the project.

Go watch the first episode of “Going Superhuman” here!





Weight: 180 lbs.
Deadlift: 550 lbs.
Bench: 325 lbs.
Squat: 500 lbs.
5K: 20 min
10K: 45 min
500 Yard Swim: Six Minutes
100 Push Ups: Two minutes
Consecutive Pull Ups: 25


Judo: Shodan
Salmon Ladder: Mastered
Front Tuck Flip: Mastered
Back Tuck Flip: Mastered
Do Yoga

Current Levels:


Weight: 195 lbs.
Deadlift: 355 lbs.
Bench: 185 lbs.
Squat: 255 lbs.
5K: 35 min
10K: Hahahaha
500 Yard Swim: **drowning**
100 Push Ups: Ten minutes?  DO I GET BREAKS?!
Consecutive Pull Ups: 14


Judo: Sankyu
Salmon Ladder: Ehhh…
Front Tuck Flip: Halfway!  XD
Back Tuck Flip: Mmmm…nope.
Not Doing Yoga

(Some) Sources for Standards:

Strength Standards

More Strength Standards

Army Ranger Standards

Navy SEAL Standards

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