The Scorpion Workout

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Obviously, Scorpion’s got a pretty fantastic physique.  This is not a physique built for aesthetics, however.  It’s a physique built for ripping people’s heads off and kicking holes in their chests.  This is Mortal Kombat, baby!  Obviously, if we’re trying to be like Scorpion, then we’re going to need a pretty kick-ass workout.  As I mentioned in our overview post, our goals are power, size, and agility, in that order.  So, we’re going to be incorporating a lot of weights into our regimen this time around, as well as a fair amount of cardio and agility work on our non-strength days.

For nutrition, unless you’re already big you’re probably going to be looking to bulk up a bit.  Check out Macros and You! for an initial look at how to set this up.  If you think you’re ready to go full Scorpion, then you’ll want to grab RPG Fitness as soon as you are able.

As with all workouts, you’re going to want to Warm Up before every session, and Cool Down afterwards.

Note: This workout, like most, is designed to easily plug into the RPG Fitness workout system.  For the weightlifting portions, stick with the guidelines for “The Warrior Workout.”

Equipment Needed:
Squat Rack


Station –  Perform all sets of an exercise before moving on to the next exercise.  Rest 1-3 minutes between sets.

Strength A:

5×5 Dumbbell Bench Press
3×8 Dumbbell Overhead Press
3×8 Dumbbell Fly
3×8 Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises
3×10 Weighted Twist Crunches

Strength B:

5×5 Back Squat
3×8 Weighted Lunges
3×8 Deadlifts
5×5 Hang Cleans
3×10 Weighted Calf Raises

Strength Notes:
We’re using dumbbells a lot to emphasis stabilizer muscles and equal development on both sides of the body.  If you’re not sure of what weights to start at, and you haven’t grabbed RPG Fitness yet, then just start with a weight that you can do all the required sets/reps with that still makes you put in the work.  Slowly increase this week (5 lbs a week, if you can.)


Cardio A:

20 minute Walk/Run
5×10 second Sprints

Cardio B:

10 minutes Heavy Bag Drills
10 minutes Sledgehammer Slams

Cardio Notes:  
We’ve got a little steady state cardio in here with the A workout, and then a whole bunch of total body conditioning with our sprints, bag work, and sledgehammer work.  This should build both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning (both essential for combat.)


Day 1: Strength A
Day 2: Cardio A
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Strength B
Day 5: Cardio B
Day 6: Strength A
Day 7: Rest

Schedule Notes:
Pretty standard fare, here.  If you’re feeling adventurous, do Strength B again on Day 7 if you feel you’re up to it.  Obviously not right when you’re starting out, but once you’re in the groove.


That’s it!  As always, listen to your body, eat well, and make sure you get plenty of rest.  I’ll see you again on Monday with Born in Hellfire!  As always, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome.

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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