How to Be Like Scorpion

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How to Be Like Scorpion

Name: Scorpion (AKA Hanzo Hasashi)

Game(s): Mortal Kombat series, occasional cameo appearances.

Archetype: Fighter

Class: Weapons Master


  • Ninja.
  • Martial arts master (multiple styles/weapons.)
  • Survives in, and is able to wield, hellfire.
  • Leader of the Shirai Ryu.
  • Able to change between wraith and human form.


Toasty!  Our newest character has the honor of being one of the only characters to appear in every generation of the Mortal Kombat games (along with Raiden and Sub-Zero.)  As such, there’s no better character to cover for our first Mortal Kombat post on this blog than the master of hellfire himself, Scorpion.  Beyond being the de-facto mascot of the series, Scorpion’s also spawned several infamous catchphrases, including the infamous “GET OVER HERE!” when he throws his spear/kunai, and the slightly-less-known-but-still-awesome “Toasty!” when he uses his signature fire-breath Fatality.

First off, obviously, Scorpion is a standout member of the Fighter archetype, joining the likes of Ryu and Captain Falcon.  Although the Mortal Kombat series is primarily a hand-to-hand fighting series, I feel that Scorpion’s ninja training, unique weaponry, and signature moves land him in the Weapons Master class, instead of the Monk or Brawler classes.  Yes, he fights with his bare hands a lot in the game, but in many ways his hands and feet are just another set of weapons he wields (along with his hellfire abilities.)

As the leader of the Shirai Ryu, enemy of Quan Chi and Sub-Zero, and preeminent anti-hero of the Mortal Kombat series, Scorpion’s got a lot to offer us, and we can learn a lot in our time with him!


Make no mistake, Scorpion is jacked.  The dude is big enough that you could almost place him in the Tank category. So, in The Scorpion Workout, we’re going to have several goals.  First, we want to build significant power.  Scorpion is a fighter, and we want to be able to deliver knockout punches and kicks like him.  Second, we want to build size.  Scorpion’s a big dude.  There’s no weight classes in the Mortal Kombat tournament, so it only make sense to pack on a significant amount of muscle.  Third, we want to make sure that even though we’re putting on muscle, we don’t lose too much speed.  We want to maintain a fighter’s agility even as we try to gain a Tank’s size and strength.


Obviously, Scorpion’s got a wide range of skills, almost all of them combat related.  In Born in Hellfire, we’re going to examine those skills, and see how we can begin to acquire them for ourselves.  Combat styles, as usual, will come first, and Scorpion’s got plenty to pick from.  Honestly, we could probably spend an entire post on that alone, however that’s not how we do things here at BaGC!  In addition to his combat styles, we’re also going to explore the hellfire skills of the character, and see how we can begin learning our own “hellfire” feats.


Though Scorpion is most well known for his wraithlike yellow-garbed form, the recent games have explored the depths of his character a bit more.  In Driven by Vengeance, we’re going to examine the path of Hanzo Hasashi, and how that path led to the being known as Scorpion.  Then, we’re going to continue on his journey back to the life of Hanzo again, and how that duality affects his character.

This is going to be awesome!  Our first Mortal Kombat character, finally.  People have been wanting one since we covered Chun Li, way back in 2011, so I’m happy to finally oblige!  We’ll continue on Thursday, with The Scorpion Workout!  Between now and then, though, we’ve got Q&A Tuesday, live on the Facebook page tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST.  Come hang out and ask a question!

Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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  2. Augusto Nava says:

    Now that we are going with the classics there is a game that people consider it a classic but a lot of them forgot about and its called Guilty Gear 😀 i nominate Sol Badguy or Ky kiske to be the next character 😀

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