The Vault Dweller Workout

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So this post was actually one of the motivators to profile the Vault Dweller!  We’ve focused a fair amount on equipment-heavy workouts lately.  The Vault Dweller workout instead takes its cue from what you can do in a small space with very minimal equipment.  It takes its cues from stuff like Convict Conditioning and Combat Conditioning, as well as 50s-era calisthenics workouts!  In addition to this workout program, remember to check out the post Macros and You! to keep your body properly fueled!

Now, as a rule, you probably will not get as strong (strong meaning ability to push/lift a large amount of weight) as you would with a weightlifting regimen.  However, you WILL gain quite a bit of “functional strength” (the ability to move and control your body in any way you choose), as well as enough raw power to knock out a Deathclaw with a spanner wrench.  You’ll also be quite agile and nimble!  Although the Vault Dweller is a malleable character, so they don’t fit into a particular archetype or class, I would say this program would work well for both the Rogue and Fighter archetypes.

Note: This workout, is split into four tiers in order to easily plug into the RPG Fitness workout system.

The Vault Dweller Workout

Workout Style:
Circuit – Perform one set of each exercise, rest for 1-2 minutes, then perform another set of each exercise.  Repeat until all sets are complete.

Equipment Required:
Pull Up Bar

Level 1 (Beginner):

3×20 Windmill Toe Touches (10 each side)
3×5-10 Kneeling Push Ups
3×3-5 Pull Ups (chair assisted)
3×5-10 Wall Push Ups
3×5-10 Leaning Door Frame Rows (grab onto the inside of a door frame, lean back till your arms are extended, pull yourself up)
3×3-5 Wall Squats
Rest two minutes
3×10 Jumping Jacks (rest one minute between sets)

Level 2 (Intermediate):

3×5-10 Push Ups
3×3-10 Pull Ups
3×5-10 Pike Push Ups
3×5-10 Leaning Door Frame Rows (get your feet out further in front of you so your body becomes more horizontal as you do these)
3×5-10 Squats
3×5-10 Hanging Knee Raises
Rest two minutes
3×25 Jumping Jacks (rest one minute between sets)

Level 3 (Advanced):

3×5-10 Uneven Push Ups (Raise one hand up higher than the other by 4-6 inches, do five to ten reps on each side per set)
3×3-10 Uneven Pull Ups (Hang a towel around your chin up bar so one of your hands is 4-6 inches below the other hand, do three to ten reps on each side per set)
3×3-10 Handstand Push Ups (lean against a wall to make these easier)
3×5-10 One-Armed Door Frame Rows (when you’re first attempting these you can stand a little more upright to than you were on the two-handed version to develop the muscles)
3×5-10 One-Legged Chair Squats (sit down on a chair, stand up using only one leg)
3×5-10 Hanging Straight Leg Raises
Rest two minutes
3×25 Jumping Jacks
3×5-10 Burpees (do these between the jumping jack sets, no other rest)

Level 4 (Vault Dweller):

3×5-10 One Armed Push Ups (try not to spread your legs at all for these – work up to it)
3×3-10 One Armed Pull Ups (taking an underhand grip might make these easier at first)
3×3-10 One Armed Handstand Push Ups (lean against a corner and spread out your feet to make these easier)
3×5-10 One-Armed Door Frame Rows
3×5-10 One-Legged Pistol Squats (brace your hand on a wall for balance at first if you need to)
3×5-10 Toes-to-bars
Rest two minutes
5×25 Jumping Jacks
5×5-10 Burpees (do these between the jumping jack sets, no other rest)

Workout Notes:

A lot of these exercises at the highest level take a modicum of technique as well as raw strength.  Don’t hesitate to look up some tutorials if you’re having a hard time.  Besides that, as usual, remember to take things slow, and listen to your body.  An injury puts you out of commission a lot more than an extra couple days of rest.

Day 1: Workout
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Workout
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Workout
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Workout

Schedule Notes:
Feel free to do some low-impact cardio on your rest days, like going for a walk, if you’d like!  There’s only one time during the week that you have back-to-back workouts (Day 7 and 1) but if you feel like you need an extra rest day between the two, take it.  Basically on this schedule you just work out every other day.  Since you’re hitting your whole body at once, you’re going to be giving yourself a full 36-58 hours to recover.

That’s it!  Super simple home calisthenics routine requiring almost no equipment besides a pull up bar, and what you probably already have lying around the house!  Remember, the most important part of a workout is tracking your progress, so make sure you come start a log over in The Guild Hall!  It’s also a great place to get encouragement and feedback from the BaGC community! (we’re all really awesome!)

I’ll see you again on Monday, with You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and over on the Let’s Play channel with some more of my Fallout 4 playthrough!  Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

PS:  Don’t forget!  Testoster- Own, free in the Kindle Store!  Through Saturday!

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