Character Spotlight: Korra

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Name: Korra

Game(s): The Legend of Korra


  • Avatar.
  • Skilled in all four elements.
  • Talented fighter.
  • Brash.
  • Rebellious.
  • Rough.


Korra’s been one of the most-requested non-video-game characters, and coupled with the lack of female characters on the blog lately, I stuck her in the first official character poll!  While initially behind in votes, she ended up edging out Tifa Lockheart over the weekend, so here we are!  Want to help decide who we cover next?  Go vote in the new character poll!

As the Avatar, Korra is adept in all bending arts (though when we first meet her she has serious issues with air bending, and I would argue she hasn’t truly mastered anything but water bending, yet).  Obviously a member of the Fighter archetype, Korra’s extremely adept at combat, to the point of her having issues with the “softer,” more spiritual side of her avatar duties (as demonstrated also by her initial difficulty with airbending).  While her predecessor, Aang  would definitely fit into the Monk class, I would say that Korra’s rough-and-tumble approach to life would place her more comfortable in the Brawler class.

Korra is a really cool, multi-layered character, and I think we can learn a ton from her.  Let’s lay out our road map for the next two weeks!


In The Korra Workout, we’re going to work on building a badass brawler body.  We want explosive strength, LOTS of agility, and super-fast reaction time.  This means plyometrics, solid core conditioning, flexibility, and high intensity cardio.  Korra is the epitome of fighting fit, so that’s what our final goal should be, too!


In The Skills of Korra, we’re going to take a look at her combat style, first and foremost.  Korra’s experiences in traditional bending forms vs. sport forms will also give us a reason to look at the difference between traditional martial arts and modern combat sports.  Additionally, we’re going to talk about traditional martial arts conditioning drills and practices, both the pros and the cons.  Finally, we’re going to talk about bending, and how we can draw from the elements to enhance ourselves in various ways.


The Mind of Korra will be an examination into Korra’s thoughts and motivations, and how various hardships have shaped her, for better and for worse.  We’re going to talk about how impulsiveness can be both a strength and a weakness.  We’re also going to talk about rebelliousness, and how to temper your rebellious tendencies, if you find them to be a negative influence on your life, or how to fire them up a bit, if you find yourself to be a bit too by-the-book.  Part of living boldly is having the courage and judgement on when it’s necessary to step out of line.

I love Korra, and the Avatar universe, so I can’t wait to cover her in the coming weeks.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I’m going to =D   Also, don’t forget to go vote in the new character poll over on the forums!

Live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome.

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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10 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Korra

  1. b0bbinat0r89 says:

    This should be interesting. Now, if only my female friends would be interested in Korra’s workout schedule…..

  2. Zapattack says:

    This is amazing. I feel like I can look up to Korra; she’s nowhere near the strongest/wisest/best Avatar, but she keeps pushing, being the best she can be and does what she can for the people around her. Respect to both her and you, for putting the work into this awesome website 🙂

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Hey, thank you for stopping by and reading! Korra resonates with a lot of people for exactly that reason, and that’s why I had fun covering her =D

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