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(Warning: Stronger than usual language ahead)

So, last week’s post seemed a bit critical for me upon a reread.  I got vocal responses from both sides of the issue, and I really do value the somewhat controversial conversations we get to have sometimes.  If I offended or hurt anyone, I do apologize.  At any rate, I wanted to reinforce something with today’s post, just in case…


Hey you.  Yes, you.  You’re pretty damn awesome.


Listen, you and I may disagree on some things sometimes.  Heck, you probably disagree with yourself on some things (I know I sure do).  But look at you.  Look at all of the shit you have gone through.  Seriously, think for just a second about every hardship that life has thrown at you, every crappy moment you’ve had, all the things that have threatened to shut you down completely.

They didn’t.  You’re here.  You’re still standing.  Merely by being here, on this blog, reading this post, you are telling whatever the hell is still coming at you that you are not done yet, they are not going to keep you down, and no matter how hard life swings at you, you will get the fuck back up again.

Sometimes we get disappointed with ourselves.  We make poor decisions, allocate time incorrectly, procrastinate, or run away from problems.  This post, for instance, is a day late, mostly because I allocated time poorly yesterday, and procrastinated on Sunday.  For that I apologize, to you awesome people for making you wait a day, and to myself for being kind of a bum about things.

Here’s the deal, though.  I’ve apologized to myself, like I did to you.  Now I need to forgive myself.  You, too, need to forgive yourself for whatever guilty feelings you might be holding onto right now.  Ate something you shouldn’t have?  Too late to take it back, accept it, forgive it, and move on.  Made a bad call in a certain situation?  It can’t be undone, and carrying that guilt with you is just going to make judgement calls harder in the future.  Let it go, no need to carry that shit with you.

Your future is bright, and every day is a brand new opportunity to live boldly, change the world, and be awesome.  Focus on doing at least one thing towards your future every day.  Make a good food decision.  Read a little bit on a new subject you’re interested in.  Go for a walk.  Spend five minutes practicing a new skill.

Now, reward yourself!  Tell yourself you did an awesome job!  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Come on over to our Brag Thread on the forums and let us know what you did, so we can shower you with praise as well!

Above all else, remember that you, as you are, right now, are an awesome person.  Seriously.  You have made is this far, and you can ALWAYS have a better tomorrow.  Do something for that tomorrow, today.

Live boldly, and change the world.

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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