Save Small Worlds

Save Small Worlds

My favorite small world, a terrarium I built with my son. =D

So, if you had to pick a single, central themes for most big games, it would probably be “Save the world!!”  True, that’s not always the case, but it is a pretty dominant recurring plot.  Sometimes it’s not the whole world, sometimes it’s a piece of it, or a micro-dimension, or occasionally the whole galaxy/all sentient life.  The point is, you’re saving something, either as a lone wolf here, or part of a team.

Have you ever thought about doing this in the real world?

A lot of us are probably unhappy with something going on around us in the world right now.  Not to get all political or anything, but I can pick out a number of major socio-political issues that I would LOVE to change right now, both in my own country, and abroad.  Environmental issues, social justice issues, privacy, liberty, human rights…the list goes on, but as someone who likes to stay on top of the news, I see a lot I don’t like, and a little that I do.

A lot of people avoid the news for this very reason.  There’s simply too much.  It’s overwhelming.  You look at these HUGE, WORLDWIDE scale problems and you say, “How can I ever make a difference?  How can anything ever get better?”  Well, my friend, I’d like to tell you that you can, but the honest truth is that, outside of raising awareness, and giving to charity, there’s very little that you, personally, can do about the situation in, say Darfur, Sudan.

However, what you can do is save small worlds around yourself.

What do I mean by “Save small worlds?”  Well, look at it this way: if you have one of you, it’s hard to make a big difference.  If there’s a couple of you, you might have a better chance.  But imagine if there was a whole town of you?  A whole city?  Imagine if you could, using the skills you have in the world immediately around you, improve people’s lives in a significant way?

You can.

Remember The Champions Code…

A Champion changes the world around them for the better.

Your small world is whatever you have the ability to touch, shape, and change around you.  You have tools, skills, and knowledge.  Use them!  If you’re a regular of the blog, you probably already know more about fitness, nutrition, and skill development than a lot of the people around you.  Don’t be afraid to share that knowledge.

More than just that, you are a person motivated to effect positive change on the world around you. That, my friend, is a powerful tool!  Find local organizations you believe in, and get involved.  Go to town council meetings, let your voice be heard.  Participate in town cleanups, local school events, volunteer organizations, whatever catches your interest!  If there isn’t such a thing in your town, then make one!  I guarantee there are like-minded people around, just waiting for something to latch onto.

Your world around you is a constant source of quests, adventures, and new experiences.  Look at it as such.  If every one of the hundreds of people made a concerted effort to improve just one thing in their area, imagine how much the world would improve.  Imagine how much we would inspire and affect the people around us!

That is what The Champions Guild is for.  We are a powerful force for growth and change, and we are continuously growing.  Get involved, because we’re on the move!

If you haven’t joined The Champions Guild yet, then why the heck not?  Go check it out, you can get involved in the movement, and you get some nice free eBooks as part of the deal!  I hope to see you there. =)

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Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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