Jackie and Dan’s Journey: Week 26

Backslide!  Didn’t do too hot this week, unfortunately.  Got a couple workouts in, which was good, but my food was all over the place, which was bad.  Fourth of July in particular wasn’t great, I ate WAY too much food, and then my sleeping habits were awful for the rest of the four day weekend.  Sleep is honestly the thing I struggle with the most, which sucks because it’s such a pillar of personal health.

That said, I’ve started out strong today, going to bed before midnight last night AND waking up at 5:30 feeling pretty damn rested.  I’ll be doing the same thing tonight/tomorrow morning but throwing in a workout as well (this morning was just a test case, remember, you have to ease into any shifts in your life, and I haven’t been working out in the AM in a while).

I’ve been adding some dumbbell work to The Kratos Workout program that I’m doing, and I feel it’s really helping.  The isolation work I’m getting in via dumbbells really helps compliment the big  compound sandbag lifts that are the hallmark of the workout.  One of the big benefits of dumbbells is the ability to target specific muscle groups, and make sure the more dominant side or more dominant muscle groups in your body aren’t “helping” your less dominant side/muscles.

Last week’s weigh-in: 203.2

This week’s weigh-in: 205.4

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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