Double Video Post! Fight like Connor Kenway Part 1, and Pull Up Progressions!

Yeah, you read that right, we’ve got a double serving of awesome for you all, today!

First up, our long-awaited pull up and pull up progression video!  Much like our pushup video, this brief tutorial should help you work your way up to a full-blown pull up, as well as show you a couple cool variations!

Our second video of the day, and just as exciting, is our first video analyzing Connor Kenway’s fighting style!  This one focuses on unarmed combat, versus a blade, a polearm/bayonette, and an unarmed combatant!  The second video in the series, our tomahawk and knife video, will be dropping on Thursday.  Make sure you subscribe to the channel so you know as soon as it goes live!

I really hope you guys enjoy the goods!  Also, a big thanks to my brother Andy, for helping with both the fighting analysis, and for letting me chuck him around for half an hour!

I’ll see you again on Thursday, for our second Ratonhnhaké:ton video, with the Tomahawk and Knife fighting style.

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Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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