The Skills of Chris Redfield

The Skills of Chris Redfield

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The Skills of Chris Redfield
The Humanity of Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is a highly trained, extremely effective military and special police operative.  He’s battled people, zombies, mutants, giants and science-born demigods.   Let’s take a look at a few of the skills that define who he is, and help him accomplish his mission of ridding the world of BOW evil, once and for all!


Chris started out as an ace Air Force pilot, before eventually being discharged for insubordination.  An expert pilot, he has flown a number of aircraft throughout his missions, including the supremely cool VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, the Harrier!  (fun fact: my uncle was in the air force and actually flew harriers as well!  Learning to fly is one of my dreams, so let’s take a look at how to get there!

The most obvious option is to join the air force of your own country, once you are of age.  If you’re not of age, your best bet is to stay in shape, do well in school, and ask your local military recruiter on how to best prepare yourself.  Most countries have early training designations or special programs for people who are under age and want to prepare for a career in the military.  The recruiter can also let you know what requirements you need to meet to qualify.

Private Flying Lessons
If you live near an airport, especially a small, local one, these are definitely an option.  Typically you can start as a minor(14-16 years old in most countries), and after a certain amount of flight hours logged(40-50 hours) as well as other requirements and exams taken care of, you’re good to go!  You probably won’t be flying any harriers, but a Piper Cub can be a lot of fun anyway!

Flight Simulators
Honestly, you can learn a LOT about flying from flight simulators.  In fact, if you’re planning on doing either of the above options, I recommend picking up Flight Simulator X and a good flight stick, and start logging some hours.  Keep the settings on the most realistic as possible and you’ll actually learn a lot about flying.  The famous “barefoot bandit” actually learned to fly exclusively by playing flight simulators at home. (note: I am NOT suggesting you do this.  Keep it legal and safe, folks.)

Squad Leadership

Leadership is a funny thing.  We’ve touched on it before, in particular, with Ezio.  Chris has led multiple teams and partnerships in his time, and we see facets of his character through his leadership style.  Let’s take a look at a few points.

Lead from the Front
Chris is not one to take a powder while his partners and subordinates do the work.  Chris leads by example, always out in front, taking the brunt of a conflict with his compatriots.  People respect leaders who are “in it” with them, rather than hiding behind them,

Respect Begets Respect
Chris treats his partners and subordinates with mutual respect most of the time, even those he doesn’t necessarily get along with(like his run-in with Leon Kennedy).  Those times that he doesn’t, things tend to go to hell(like when he’s too harsh on his squadmates when wrestling with his own inner demons).  If you want to be respected, you also need to respect the people you’re leading.

Never Leave Someone Behind
Chris prioritizes the people on his missions with him, going so far as to put himself in danger, or alter the mission, to keep them safe.  Sometimes, a leader has to take a hit for the team.  Sometimes, the leader has to put others on the team before him- or herself.  Showing that you value the people you lead will earn loyalty, and respect.

Brawling Combat

Chris is not exactly a technician in combat.  He tends to rely on large, powerful strikes to drop his opponents.  That said, his moves are still pretty effective in close combat, especially with his size to back them up.  Let’s take a look at a few.

Hook Punches
When throwing a hook punch, you want the punch to come out from around your ribcage.  Don’t swing your arm way outside your body line, keep it tight and close in the hook, and turn your hips and shoulders into the strike when you hit.

Leg Kicks
High kicks are dangerous in a fight, especially in close quarters.  When kicking a person, it’s better to aim for the shins and knees, rather than the stomach or head.  Pick your leg up with your knee tight to your body, and stomp down on the kneecap, driving back and down.

When throwing an uppercut, as with the hook, keep it relatively close to the body.  As you begin your delivery of the punch, bend your knees down a bit, and then when you’re about to make contact, drive upwards with your legs, putting the force of your whole lower body into your punch.


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