Jackie and Dan’s Journey, Week 11


Mixed week for me.  Workout goals met, food goals not so much.  >_>  So the needle on the scale didn’t move much, but working out felt good anyway.  Definitely settling into a fitness routine again, which is nice.  My goal  was to get three morning workouts in.  Unfortunately bragging about my sleep schedule being better was a bit preemptive, so there weren’t morning workouts.  I did, however, get in two cardio sessions, and two strength sessions, which is good, and more than I was shooting for!

Going to try to do the same this week, but keep my eating cleaner (which should be easier now that my karate students aren’t dropping dozens of girl scout cookies on my desk).  So, four workouts(two strength, two cardio), back to my salad bar mid-days, and getting back on track with eating in general.

Last Week’s Weigh-in: 205.6

This Week’s Weigh-in: 205.4


(Dan’s Note: Jackie’s main struggles are, and always have been, mostly diet related.  As such, this week I wrote up a more stringent weight loss plan than the general outlines in The Fighter Diet.  As always, it’s not a cookie-cutter fad diet, because I hate those, but it is a bit more detailed than what’s currently on the blog.  It will probably find it’s way on here at some point in some form, so keep your eyes open!)

I am where I was last year weight wise.  I have come so far and fallen just as far in my struggles to take control of my life.  I have reached a breaking point.  I need to change.  I must change.  If I want to be a certain weight or dress size or be able to accomplish physical goals then I need to think about them on a daily basis.  We never realize how often we think of food.  But do we realize that we do not think about our goals as often as we should.  I need create an environment where my goals are present at all times.  Tomorrow at work I will be creating a list.  The list of goals I have for myself.  These goals will be printed multiple times and left at home, in my car and at work,  I need to never forget these goals and replace times when I would think of food with my goals.  It’s time for me to drive myself towards my change.  I need to conquer my food issues and stop allowing myself cheats.

Everyone tells you cheats are okay, even that you have to allow yourself a cheat.  I’m sorry that’s just not true. If you’re and addict there is no such thing as a cheat.  You either quit or you don’t.  That is the point I have reached.  I either get serious and quit the bad food choices in my life or I’m never going to get past food ruling my life.  I need to focus on life experiences, not the food that should be nothing more than a necessity, an enjoyable one, sure, but a necessity nonetheless.  People treat food as a luxury in America and it really isn’t.  It’s time to wise up and realize that 75% of my life should not be focused on breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.  It should be focused on having fun, going places, and doing things with the people I love.

My next step is to buy a bikini, I have wanted to wear one since I was in middle school, but have always been way too heavy.  I’m buying one I can’t fit into and I’m hanging it up on the front door so I see it everyday before i go to the gym.  I’m done allowing myself to cheat and I’m done allowing myself to be convinced by my friends and family that it’s OK to cheat once in a while, because you know what?  For me it’s not okay.  I know that and need to stand up for myself.

Alright guys, that’s it for tonight.  Tomorrow we have a grab bag post (not sure what yet, we’ll see), and then a new character breakdown starts on Tuesday (not sure who yet, we’ll see)!  As always, remember to live boldly, change the world, and continue to be awesome.

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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