Jackie and Dan’s Journey, Week 6

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So far this new life has been hard.  More emotionally than anything.  I want to be a certain way and do certain things and I want it so bad, why don’t i have it then?  My husband phrased it thusly:  I am trying to change 25 years of habits that I grew up learning and surrounded by, in days and months.  I need to learn that trying to change myself, no matter how much I want it will be hard and slow.  Determination only takes you so far otherwise i would be skinny and fit by willpower alone.  Today I reached a goal, I weighed in below 190 at 189.8.  This was shocking to me, I fully expected to see 195 flashing back at me the way i ate the past few days.  I am baffled.  Besides this I have taken a step towards fitness.  Dan and I have a mutual friend who is a fitness buff and I have approached him with the idea of joining the gym.  Never really going to a gym I need guidance and by reaching out I have made a promise to myself that this is something I will commit to.  It is my goal to ease into exercise, as I’m currently  exercising my butt on the couch a lot.  My goal is to use the gym and the Lara Croft workout.  I’m going to utilize my friend to make sure I’m doing the exercises correctly and for him to keep me in line when I start acting like a whiny 2 year old.  I get cranky when I exercise so its always good for me to have someone around who can dish it right back.  It makes it easier that I dont live with him.  So my goal is to join the gym tomorrow.  Taking it a step further, instead of just joining tomorrow I need to make myself stay and workout.  January has been all about my struggles with food, which are on going.  February I need to get focused.  My wedding is coming up, and so is summer.  I want to do the impossible.  Wish me luck.

Last Weigh-In: 192

This Week’s Weigh-in: 189.8


I had a decent week, diet-wise, though I didn’t get in enough exercise for my liking.  I need to start running more to prep for this year’s Tough Mudders.  I’m possibly running the Boston and Philadelphia mudders in the same weekend, as well as running Tri-State twice in a row, depending on how things go.  As such this week I’m going to be attempting a new schedule where I work out in the morning, rather than at night, since my main barrier to getting in exercise is typically finding a time to do it.  It should be interesting, however, as I’ve never been much of a morning person =P  We’ll see!

Last weigh-in: 207.3

This week’s weigh-in: 207

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