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Character Breakdown: Pokemon
The Pokemon Workout
The Skills of Pokemon
The Elements of Pokemon

Name: Pokemon(yes, all of them)
Holy crap, what Nintendo games HAVEN’T they been in?  Also a bunch of TV shows/movies.

  • Elementally Aligned
  • Combative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Loyal
  • Powerful
  • Adaptable

Summary: So this is a new one!  We are going to give THE ENTIRE POKEMON COLLECTIVE the Be A Game Character treatment!  Whaaat?  How?!  Well that’s the fun part!  Pokemon have some unifying themes, and are also diametrically different by nature, size, alignment, behavior, weaknesses, and strengths.  What can we learn from this?  Let’s find out.

In The Pokemon Workout, we’re going to go through some pokemon move-inspired exercises, using inspiration from some prominent Pokemon.  We’re also going to learn how you can adapt a workout to fit your needs, and how to shake things up when they get boring.

In The Skills of Pokemon, we’re going to be looking at a couple of real-life pokemon moves we can learn, and also talk about the relationship between learning and teaching skills.  Finally we’re going to examine the idea of loyalty, how you can be more loyal to others, and how you can encourage other people to be more loyal to you.

In The Elements of Pokemon we’re going to talk a bit about how each element of pokemon represents some archetypal themes of the human mind.  We’re also going to examine how people often align themselves with these elements, and what we can learn from the strengths and weaknesses these elements offer(don’t worry, no new-agey stuff here).

Oh yeah, and we’re not going to talk about trainers, because they’re lame(except for Gary F(*&ing Oak).

Final note: I’m exporting the second video for the Be A Game Character youtube channel as we speak.  If all goes well we should be going live next week!  Get excited!

We’ll meet again tomorrow, when we start with The Pokemon Workout.  Until then, make sure to like the Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and go follow the Tumblr as well.  As always, remember to continue to be awesome.

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

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