New Quest: The Call of the Bluebird

Hey folks!  We’re at partial completion of our last quest, Activate the Book of Faces, so it’s time to launch a new quest…

The Call of the Bluebird

Quest Description: Adventurer, we meet again!  Your journey has taken you far, you have already managed to Activate the Book of Faces, lighting the world like never before.  But a new challenge lies before you!  You will find in a nearby canyon the mythical Bluebird of Tweetia.  This magical creature is capable of communicating with anyone in the world that it chooses.  You must win the favor of the Bluebird of Tweetia by following it on its journeys, and learning its calls!  Only then will you be ready for the next step in your journey!

Quest Requirements: Get the @DaRatmastah Twitter account to 50 followers!

Quest Reward: A new real-life game combat video tutorial on the Be A Game Character Youtube channel!

Tips: You can easily follow the Twitter by clicking the “follow” button in the sidebar on the right.  Retweeting blog posts can also help get other people get interested in the blog and the Twitter!

We’re starting at 20 followers already, so we only need 30 more for a cool new game combat tutorial!  The Facebook quest was very successful, so I know you guys will do a great job with this one, as well!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace


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