Jackie and Dan’s Journey, Week 2



Hey everyone, here’s our weekly update for week two!  Week one’s update can be found here, and our initial posts are here(Jackie) and here(Dan).


 Ok,so I had an awesome week!  I stayed on top of eating well and managed to keep my cravings under control.  As for exercise, I kind of fell off the wagon and only worked out two times.  All was well, and then the weekend hit.  This past Saturday and Sunday I was BAD.  I over ate at a party I was at and made poor decisions.  I didn’t eat food that would fill me and I had a lot of soda I shouldn’t have.

All in all, I have targeted my weak spots: exercising regularly or having a set schedule I stick to for exercise, and keeping to a schedule on the weekends that allows me to make healthier choices.  This week I’m going to work on getting my exercise in.  I’m also going to gear up for the weekend by trying to get a plan in place.

But enough of the normal blah blah blah about diet and exercise.  My main difficulties have been my period, and dealing with the death of my dad.  Both very emotional, and messing with my good intentions.  I’m also under the pressure of planning for my wedding (to Dan) and I want to look amazing in my dress.  So much stuff floating around in my head…

Last Week’s Weigh-in: 192.4
Today’s Weigh-in: 191.4


I didn’t do as well with my goals this week as I did last week.  In my cutting back on liquids goal, I did okay.  I switched to sugar-free Red Bull, which is only 10 calories and honestly doesn’t taste any different, so that’s good.  I had one diet soda every other day or so, so I did well on that as well.  The rest of my liquid intake was water, or calorie-free instant iced tea.  I’ve found that carrying a stainless steel water bottle with me everywhere I go helps to keep my water intake high, and keeps me from getting thirsty enough to go for other beverages.  The only liquid goal I failed on was beer, I still had one every night with dinner, and quite a few more than that at the party Jackie mentioned above.

Partial success is still success, though, so I’m marking the liquids goal down as mostly accomplished, and I’ll continue to wean myself off the beer in coming weeks.  My wallet will appreciate that as well.  Workout goals, unfortunately, was where I really went off track this week.  Outside of the two karate classes I taught(which honestly don’t work me out much at all), I only got in one level two strength workout from the Ezio Auditore workout.  No cardio of any kind, really.  I’m honestly a bit disappointed in myself on this one.  Typically working out is my strong point, and diet is my weaker point, but that was clearly not the case last week.  This coming week I will have to do better.

Goals for next week:
Work out at least three times(cardio or strength).
Cut back to 2-3 beers a week.
Switch my mid-afternoon mini-meal to something mainly vegetable-based, rather than carbs.

Last week’s weigh-in: 208 lbs
This week’s weigh-in: 207.6 lbs

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