The Udyr Workout

“We do not know pity, even for you!” -Udyr
Okay, so Udyr is a martial artist, like Chun Li, but he’s a bit more of an upper body powerhouse than she is, and his techniques are basically all hand-oriented.  So, we’re going to build solid upper body and core strength, with good speed and explosiveness, and we’re gonna turn our legs into a rock-solid base to build our techniques upon.
Udyr also has solid cardio, able to move quickly in bear stance, and keep a sustained fight going while in turtle stance, so we’re going to be doing a cardio plan that’s kind of a cross between Chun Li and Ezio Auditore.
For diet, I would definitely recommend going with the Fighter Diet outlined last week.  Udyr is big, but that comes mostly from his frame, he’s not an incredibly bulky fighter like Donkey Kong.  That said, you can up the weight and intensity of the workout and switch over to the Big Guy Diet, if you do want to pack some solid muscle on.
Also, make sure you always warm up before exercising!  I did a video tutorial on how to warm up properly, so check it out!
So, without further ado, onto the workout!

Note: This workout is split into four levels, so it can be easily plugged into the RPG Fitness system!

Equipment Needed:
Heavy Rocks/Logs
Hand Dumbells
Backpack for Books/Rocks(I use this army surplus bag[referral link])
A Hill
(if possible)
A Local Park or Forest

Level 1(beginner):
20 minutes brisk walking, preferably through a forest or park with elevation changes and small obstacles.
10 minutes jogging/walking, alternating with one minute of walking, and one minute of jogging.  Do this up and down a hill if you can.
Level 2(moderate):
20 minutes of walking/jogging, start at one minute of each, and gradually decrease the walking ratio while increasing the jogging. Again, much better if you can do it in a forest/park with varied terrain and obstacles.
10 minutes straight of jogging up and down a hill.  Find a steeper incline or longer hill to increase your challenge.
Level 3(advanced):
20 minutes of jogging over varied terrain.
10 minutes of hill sprints.  You’re going for time, now, so try to squeeze as many hill sprints as you can into that time.
Level 4(beast spirit):
30 minutes of jogging over varied terrain.
15 minutes of hill sprints.  Same as before, with an extra 5 minutes tacked on.

Level 1(beginner):
3×5 Pullups(palms facing away from you), chair-assisted if necessary.
3×10 Bodyweight squats
3×5 Chinups(palms facing towards you), chair-assisted if necessary.
3×10 Pushups
3×10 Unweighted good mornings
3×10 Pike shoulder press
3×10 Cross punch crunches(no dumbells)
3×10 Oblique crunches 

Level 2(intermediate):
3×10 Pullups(palms facing away from you)
3×10 Front squats holding a heavy rock, log, or book-filled backpack.  No exact weight, just start low and increase as you feel comfortable.  Remember to keep your back straight and your weight on your heels.
3×10 Chinups(palms facing towards you)
3×10 Pushups(with 10 lb backpack)
3×10 Good mornings(with 5lb rock, log, or backpack)
3×10 Pike shoulder press(with 10lb backpack)
3×10 Cross punch crunches(with 5lb dumbells)
3×15 Oblique crunches

Level 3(advanced):
3×10 Pullups(with 10 lb backpack)
3×10 Front squats holding heavy rock, log, or book-filled backpack.  Same rules as before.
3×10 Chinups(with 10 lb backpack)
3×10 Pushups(with 20 lb backpack)
3×10 Good mornings(with 10 lb rock, log, or backpack)
3×10 Handstand pushups(do these against a solid wall)
3×10 Cross punch crunches(with 10 lb dumbells)
3×20 Oblique crunches

Level 4(beast spirit):
3×10 Pullups(with 20 lb backpack)
3×10 Front squats holding heavy rock, log, or book-filled backpack.  Same rules as before.
3×10 Chinups(with 20 lb backpack)
3×10 Pushups(with 30 lb backpack)
3×10 Good mornings(with 15 lb rock, log, or backpack)
3×10 Handstand pushups(do these against a solid wall)
3×10 Cross punch crunches(with 15 lb dumbells)
3×30 Oblique crunches

Day 1: Strength workout
Day 2: Cardio
Day 3: Strength Workout
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Strength Workout
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Rest

-Remember, it’s more important to get the number of sets in, rather than the number of reps and cut the sets.  I’d much rather you do three sets of five than one or two sets of ten.
-This is a pretty brutal schedule.  If you find yourself fatigued, don’t be afraid to take an extra day of rest, or try doing all your leg exercises on one day, and all your upper body exercises another.
-Eat good food, drink lots of water, and sleep!  Sleep is SO important!  If you really want to get into the Udyr attitude, try sleeping outside on a warm night!
-Listen to your body.  You are responsible for you.  If you push yourself too hard and injure yourself, I’m not responsible, you have only yourself to watch out for you.  As I said, this is a good workout, if your body says “Ow!” LISTEN TO IT.

That’s it for today!  Remember to like the blog on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, so you stay updated on the blog’s progress!(I post some cool stuff sometimes, too).  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some of the skills of Udyr. Until then, continue to be awesome!

Dan “DaRatmastah” Wallace

Udyr, League of Legends and all  property therein are © Copyright Riot Games.

Exercise Index:
(for all exercises not found in other workouts already posted)
Pike Shoulder Press
Good Mornings
Front Squats
Oblique Crunches
Cross Punch Crunches

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9 thoughts on “The Udyr Workout

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  4. Beast Blood says:

    I’m studying the arts of Berserkers, how to meditate and reach our wod, how to channel emotions into a frenzied state of mind. I’ve been told of exercises (or feats) to help train my body from older and more experienced berserks’, throwing heavy stones, running with weighted clothing, broadjumping, learning to maximize the body’s natural healing factor, and more. I had been doing well, but I had fallen from a climbing feet and managed to break both my ankles. I’m beyond out of shape and it’s making me beyond agitated how far behind I am from last time. A good friend of mine suggested asking you for advice and explaining my situation. I’m not sure if he meant asking for a workout suggestion, or advice for something else. Thank you for hearing (reading) me ramble, and I patiently await your reply.

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Coming back from even minor injuries can really suck, let alone something as major as two broken ankles. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Where are you at now, in terms of functionality? Are your ankles healed, and did you have to go through any rehab? I’d like to help but I need to get a solid picture of where you’re at, first.


      • Beast Blood says:

        Had to go through some physical therapy to make sure I could still walk normally, ankles have healed according to doctors. I can walk for about a mile before I need to sit, and can run 1/4 of a mile before needing to stop. Thanks for the response and help, and I patiently wait for your response.

        • DaRatmastah says:

          Geez, man. Well, couple of things I’d recommend. First off, definitely double check with your doctor and make sure you are absolutely cleared for a return to physical activities.

          Next, I’d build up slowly. You need to regain positive fitness habits before anything else. I would recommend trying to run/walk every other day, to start. To rebuild your endurance and stamina, run for a minute, then walk for two minutes. Repeat this for half an hour, and rest when you need to. Slowly increase your running intervals, and decrease your walking intervals. Doing intervals like this gives your body little mini-recovery periods while you’re exercising, and helps build your endurance and stamina up without blowing yourself out in the first ten minutes of your run/walk.

          Once you’re up to a 1 minute walk/2 minute run interval setup, I’d say move into a workout of your choice here on the blog, or in RPG Fitness.

          Let me know if that helps, or if you’d like more specific advice. Keep plugging away, dude, I’m confident you’ll make it back to your old self!

          • Beast Blood says:

            Dan, thank you very much for the help and encouragement. I’ve been following through with them and have been slowly building myself back up. Some of my brother and sister Berserks have been helping get back into fighting shape, and I passed the climb that had broken me before hand (I DEFEATED IT!). Not many are honestly willing to help most Berserks because of how brutal and self harming some of our trials can be if we are not careful, and I am happy to find a calm mind helping. Thank you once again, and I look forward to see how far you yourself will go.

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