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The Ezio Workout

Alrighty!  Happy Monday, everyone, hope yours didn’t involve a two hour traffic jam like mine =P  So today, we take a look at Mr. Auditore’s general fitness level, and take a stab at a workout that will help us imitate it.  Ezio, first off, spends most of his life running.  Towards targets, away from guards, across town.  As a result, he has a relatively slim build(you can see in Brotherhood when he goes to the “fight club” beneath the barracks that he has a relatively unassuming build, he’s no Hulk).  However, as a body tooled for explosive climbing, combat, and escape, he has a very high power-to-weight ratio.  That is, he’s capable of generating incredible amounts of force in relation to his overall bodyweight.

In this(an all fitness posts) I’m going to provide a series of exercises organized by days, then laid out in a weekly schedule.  I’ll provide progressions for very early beginners to advanced levels.  I am  NOT a licensed personal trainer, however I’ve got a lifetime of martial arts and personal fitness training behind me, so of course, take my suggestions with a grain of salt, and don’t hold be liable if you manage to hurt yourself, just have fun and know your limits.  =)  If you’re unsure of how to do any exercises, I’ll leave an index of youtube video links at the bottom of the post.

Also, make sure you always warm up before exercising!  I did a video tutorial on how to warm up properly, so check it out!

Note: This workout is split up into four levels to easily plug into the RPG Fitness leveling system!

Equipment Needed:
Chinup Bar

Level 1(beginner):
Walk at a brisk pace for at least thirty minutes.  Pick a pace that will be strenuous for you, without completely killing you, then just do that for half an hour or more.  Vary your inclines/terrain for added challenge.
Level 2(intermediate):
This is more of a general progression.  Interval running/walking.  Walk for two minutes, run for one minute.  Repeate this for at least half an hour.  When this gets easy, decrease walking time and increase running time until you’re running for the full half hour.
Level 3(advanced):
Run at an even pace for two and a half minutes, sprint as fast as you can for thirty seconds.  Repeat for half an hour or more.
Level 4(assassin):
Level 3 for at least half an hour, finish up by finding a good steep hill, sprinting up it, and walking back down it as many times as you can.

3×10=three sets of ten repetitions.  Perform all exercises listed in order for one set, rest two minutes, then go again.
Level 1(beginner):
3×5-10 Chair assisted pullups(palms facing away)
3×5-10 Kneeling pushups
3×10-20 Bodyweight squats
3×10-20 Standing Lunges
3×10-20 Calf raises
3×10-25 Crunches
3×10-25 Leg lifts

Level 2(intermediate):

3×5-10 Hanging pullups(palms away)
3×5-10 Standard pushups
3×20-30 Bodyweight squats
3×10-20 Calf raises(one legged)
3×10-20 Jumping lunges
3×10-25 Bicycle crunches

Level 3(advanced):

5×10-20 Hanging pullups(palms away)
5×10-20 Burpees(with pushup)
5×50-70 Calf bounces(calf raises but hopping into it)
5×10-30 Jumping lunges
5×25-50 Leg lift crunches

Level 4(assassin):

5×10-20 Muscle ups
5×15-30 Burpees with clap pushup
5×50-70 calf bounces
5×10-20 Tuck Jumps
5×20-40 Jumping lunges
5×25-50(per side) russian twists holding weight plate, medicine ball, or heavy bookbag
Shorten rest between sets to one minute, perform sets as fast as you can.

Day 1: Light cardio, followed by strength workout.
Day 2: Cardio.
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Cardio.
Day 5: Light cardio, followed by strength workout.
Day 6: Cardio.
Day 7: Rest.
Light cardio means either do the cardio workout one level down from your normal difficulty level, or do your normal difficulty level with less intensity.

Make sure you eat well and get plenty of sleep between workouts.  I’m gonna go over nutrition at some point, but that would be too much to add into this post so it’s left for another day.  Start slow on your workouts, progress to the next difficulty level when you feel ready for it and no longer too challenged by the level you’re at.  And LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If it says “Ow” for any extended period of time during an exercise, particularly in joint areas, take a break on that exercise, let your body heal, then try again.  Ezio’s workout it designed for lots of jumping and tumbling so it can be kind of rough on the joints if you progress too quickly.  Take it slow and safe.  Rome wasn’t climbed/freerun/assassinated in a day.

Any questions can be posted to the comments section!


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  16. tonyedgrave says:

    Dear friend.
    I am a fan of your site.
    Simply love it.
    I only have 3 requests.
    First, give us a proper cooldown time in between sets.
    Second, I try real hard but I never get more than 5 pullups.Any suggestion.
    And lastly ,Add a DMC3 Dante workout.
    Pretty please with sword on top.
    Sorry sorry ,cherry on top.

    • tonyedgrave says:

      Oh godammit.
      I just saw the dante workout.
      Ur site is freaking awesome.

      Please answer the other two questions.

  17. tonyedgrave says:

    Oh godammit.
    I just saw the cooldown time.
    My browser sucks.
    Please just answer the pullup question.
    Sorry for my clumsy bugging.

    • DaRatmastah says:

      Ahahaha. No worries. Okay, pull ups! I would do a “pull up ladder” day instead of your normal workout. Do one pull up, rest a minute or two. Do two pull ups, rest a minute or two. Continue to increase the pull ups by one for each set until you can’t do any more. Then work your way back down, decreasing by one pull up each set.

      Keep in mind, also, that it is more likely a mental block than a physical one keeping you from getting more in. Gotta push through it.

  18. Altair says:

    Everything is great and all, but might I suggest a mind power workout?

    Ezio, among others, must keep a sharp and diligent mind.

    Also, practice true parkour. Not the flips and tricks (free running)

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